Thursday, November 17


Here's a quick look at how Bax and I work together on plotting out how a panel ends up looking. For the most part, I'll write what's happening in the panel and she'll draw it. But, there's a bunch of instances where I'll have something specific in mind and we'll go back and forth, making various changes.

Take PAGE 4, PANEL 3 of the upcoming preview issue:

In the script I wrote:

This is a wide, expansive shot of the engineering room.

Nik is standing at the edge of a platform in the massive engineering section of the ship. It’s dark and scary in there. Nik is nervously fixing a maintenance panel near the door, and from the area to the side of the platform, scary spider-like legs are crawling up from the pit below.

NIK: The ship wouldn’t be half as hard to repair if I was allowed to go into the tech core.

NIK: But, as long as it’s home to an Xhekvarian Dragon, I’ll just have to work around it.

Here's what she came back with:

Which is pretty good, but for some reason I pictured the shot being more of a "side view" (like an old school video game). There's two other panels later in the preview issue that'll have the same look, so I thought it was important enough to change.

To get my point across better, I made the following image in photoshop and wrote:

"Here's my idea for panel 3, with the monster coming up from below. I was thinking of a little more of a side view, and him a little more unaware of what's going on. Of course, my drawing is horrible - but maybe it'll help you."

And, the drawing must've helped because she sent back this panel and wrote:

"Hehe, your drawing was great. The tentacles were the best. The point of view makes it look like and old 8-bit adventure game. =)"

There you go! That's a basic panel progression - although most of the time, I just write it, she draws it, and we're good.

Anyway, I'll show you the final panel as soon as it's done. Later!