Sunday, November 6


Okay, so I've been looking over everything and we're in pretty good shape! The website needed a little attention, so I'm messing with the template a little bit.

The ultimate goal is to put together a comic book that totally rocks, but we've been all concetrating on our immediate goal: making a submissions packet. Using Image comics as a benchmark, here's how we're shaping up:


1. Typewritten cover letter with all contact information.
2. Typed, one page, synopsis of the over-all story.
3. At least five pages that are fully inked and lettered. <---
4. Cover mock-up, with logo placement.

We're waiting on the lettered part of the first 5 pages, and the submissions stuff is ready to go. And we're darn close to the Dark Horse requirements, as well.

But we're adding an additional 5 pages to the mix, and quite possibly the eight page preview issue now. We were gonna use it to introduce readers to the characters and setting of Anamorphic, so why not use it on the edtors as well?

That's the update on the project today. Sabrina is working on some great colored pages that'll be going up very soon. And, Bax is getting the preview issue layouts all planned out. And I'm working on the website!

Since the story is sorta told by Lucy, the 20th century goth chick, we decided to make the website URL something that specific to her. Hence, the website now has a handy marketing domain:!