Thursday, July 28


I got a ton of responses from my DW advertisement for a colorist. I'm pretty sure we've narrowed it down to the best one or two people who will fit the project best. There were so many talented people. But, we're giving it a week before we go ahead and make it official.

Until then, here's a tasty new page that Bax sent me. It's my favorite one by far.

Back to the grind! I'm gonna get my scripts and treatments all formatted, and I'll be ready to go.

Tuesday, July 26


Okay, so I decided to do a "state of the comic project" address, so we can see how much progress we've made. [You can check it all out for yourself in the archives, or follow the recent links on the sidebar]

The story so far:

The project is called Anamorphic, and it's a sci-fi adventure about indie filmmakers in the distant future. I found a great penciler, Julia Bax, and she did some awesome character concept pinups.

I sent her a partial script, which is done (but I constantly tweak and modify every day) and she's gotten to work on the first 5 pages.

Here's what I need to get done right now:

1. Find a colorist or B&W shader

2. Get a logo made

3. Get to work on the cover design (more on that later).

Anyone interested? Here's a link to the advertisement I did for a colorist in the DW forums. Email: comic(at)

Sunday, July 24


Here's page 3:

And here's page 4:

Bax wrote:

I have two more pages ready. One to go now!! I´ll finish it next week. I think we should start thinking on a cover for that.
If there´s any changes to be made please tell me.

Have you found anyone interesting for colors/greys?

Nope! I have an idea for the cover, but I'm busily searching for someone who can do colors or greytone shading for the comic. Next step: getting the submission packet ready.

Tuesday, July 12


Bax sent me the first two penciled pages. I added the black around the boxes, since I think it gives that pages more presence in B&W. That, and the story is called "anamorphic", so the black helps give a cool 'widescreen' look to it.


Page 2:

While Bax is finishing up the next three pages, I'll continue to refine the script and try to find someone to color or greyscale the pages.

Friday, July 1


Like I said before, I formatted something wrong and 5 pages were kinda crammed into 4. Well now that's been all corrected. Bax went back and spread the action over two pages. Which is good, the story opens with narration over each panel and kinda sets the pacing.

Earth is supposed to look very serene, and then when the story jumps to "present day" (500 years in the future) the first page is a shot of Earth surrounded by all sorts of crazy futuristic technology.