Tuesday, August 23


Bax is drawing and coloring the first cover, and here's the color progression:

We chatted in email back and forth, as she tweaked the colors on the space suits, and hair and skin colors. I wanted to get away from uniforms that looked too much like Star Trek, so we decided on white/grey. Which, I thinks lends itself nicely to a Buck Rogers motif and suits the story more.

And Lucy's hair was also a source of debate:

We finally found a nice compromise - which I really like:

More stuff coming soon from our actual COLORIST!

Tuesday, August 16


Bax sent me the penciled version of the cover, to see what I thought. It's coming along great. Once there's color and some design elements, it's really gonna be awesome.

I couldn't resist making a mock-up of a possible cover. And, I'm telling you: this thing is really starting to look pretty rad.

My cover idea, is starting to look really "indie", but I like it. Anywa, yI can't wait to see what Bax comes up with - I'm sure it's gonna look good.

Wednesday, August 3


We're getting closer to having enough material for a submission packet. So, Bax and I started talking about the cover.

I remember seeing a cover from the Elementals where the team was all standing, scrunched together in a row. From there, I've gotten this image in my head that's something similar to that, and those TV drama cast photos. Like this:

And then It'd be cropped with "letter bars" adding a little mystery to who these people are. (It works better on an image that was structured to be cropped this way, but you get the idea)

With this in mind, Bax got right to work and sent me some mock-ups of the cover.

She wrote:

I´m sending you some very rough roughs. I tried to create a composition that would accomodate all six characters side by side, and it turned out too large to fit a cover!

With the scale I gave her for the characters, it was probably hard to get them all lined up right. But, she also sent me some other similar ideas.

She wrote:

I did a few modified ideas, bringing lucy to the foreground and giving her the spotlight while showing all the other characters side by side in the back. So, what do you think?

This particular one caught my eye:

So I got an idea and wrote back:

I gotta tell you...I LOVE the cover you did where Lucy is in the foreground and everyone is is kinda behind her in the backround. The one you did of Orson was pretty awesome too. That'd be a great theme! To have each one of them in foreground on each cover, and everyone else will be behind them. I kinda looked over the first story arc, and that'd totally work.

It reminds me of the covers for one of the Noble Causes story arcs. [example]

Lots of stuff happening with the comic. More updates coming this week.