Thursday, October 27


All the pages for for the 11-15 sequence are done, but we're currently discussing a small detail about page 12.

Bax writes:

"Now, the only thing bothering me is Evelyn´s main panel in page 12. I going to give it one more try (I did a different version that I didn´t like - I don´t think I even sent you) and we´re done with these pages."

And later she wrote:
" panel on page 12. I like it, but I don´t know if I like it more than the first version!"

Here's the three different versions to compare:

I think the first one is probably the strongest first iimpression for Evelyn - and my favorite. Although, I like the latest one a lot.

Tuesday, October 25

PAGES 14 &15

Here's the rest of Evelyn's introduction sequence. Now that you can see all five pages, it probably all makes more sense. Anyway, here's the next 2 pages...

Page 15:

Page 14:

There's some continuity errors with Evelyn eye in the last few pages, but it's already been taken care of, I probably won't post the updated pages.

At this point, we're only waiting on the lettered pages to come back and the submission packet for image, darkhorse, and some other fine publishers is ready to go!

Monday, October 24


I was toying around with cover mock-ups for the submissions packet. I want to do something with a widescreen look (which would be cool, considering the book is called Anamorphic).

I think made the letterbox on the characters too narrow though. Still working on it...

Monday, October 17


The newest page has arrived, and Evelyn's introduction sequence (pages 11-15) is coming together quite nicely.

Page 13:

No word yet on the lettered pages, but I'm hoping to post them in the next week or so.

Saturday, October 8


Bax sent me a new page today in the 'Evelyn introduction' sequence.

Friday, October 7


Bill from Lithium Pro sent me the logo final - in four different variations (red, white, black, and white/red). I decided to go with solid color logos, over stuff with gradient colors. Seems more bold and confident, is my reasoning.

I'm gonna revamp the site and make some cover variations now. While I'm doing that, Bill is doing the lettering, Julia is drawing 5 more pages, and Sabrina is coloring pages and promo art. It's all coming together!

Thursday, October 6


Sabrina just colored one of our pin-ups, to be used as some promo art or cover art for the book.

Orson and Evelyn promo art:

Also: the logo is officialy done, and I'll post it here in the next day or so - along with a site revamp.

Monday, October 3


Bill from Lithium Pro sent some logos:

And he sent the following message:

Attached are 4 color variations, two I went on a tangent from the last version and used a different approach, the other two I went to a sepia hue and a steel blue hue -of which I like the best.

I'm working now on a variation in the line art a bit to add a more retro feel to the surrounding drop shadow and maybe try to eliminate using black in the logo itself, as it will usually sit on black.

Let me know if any of these spark interest...

The logos are in order of my most favorite right now - which changes every few minutes, since they're all good. But, I've already sent him two emails with different preferences, so I can't change my mind back now.


And here's page 11, fresh from Bax: