Tuesday, November 29


I've been showing a ton of concept art and pages from the upcoming books, but there's one thing that's definitely been lacking.


He's the semi-retarded robot crew member, and is most-likely destined to be the breakout, loveable character of the series. [That, or he'll annoy the hell out of you]

So, in honor of my much-neglected robot character, I've decided to let you peek at Gaffer's interview page for the Anamorphic preview book.

There's no dialogue, but you'll probably be able to tell from the sketches that he's probably screwing stuff up. Gotta love him!

Thursday, November 17


Here's a quick look at how Bax and I work together on plotting out how a panel ends up looking. For the most part, I'll write what's happening in the panel and she'll draw it. But, there's a bunch of instances where I'll have something specific in mind and we'll go back and forth, making various changes.

Take PAGE 4, PANEL 3 of the upcoming preview issue:

In the script I wrote:

This is a wide, expansive shot of the engineering room.

Nik is standing at the edge of a platform in the massive engineering section of the ship. It’s dark and scary in there. Nik is nervously fixing a maintenance panel near the door, and from the area to the side of the platform, scary spider-like legs are crawling up from the pit below.

NIK: The ship wouldn’t be half as hard to repair if I was allowed to go into the tech core.

NIK: But, as long as it’s home to an Xhekvarian Dragon, I’ll just have to work around it.

Here's what she came back with:

Which is pretty good, but for some reason I pictured the shot being more of a "side view" (like an old school video game). There's two other panels later in the preview issue that'll have the same look, so I thought it was important enough to change.

To get my point across better, I made the following image in photoshop and wrote:

"Here's my idea for panel 3, with the monster coming up from below. I was thinking of a little more of a side view, and him a little more unaware of what's going on. Of course, my drawing is horrible - but maybe it'll help you."

And, the drawing must've helped because she sent back this panel and wrote:

"Hehe, your drawing was great. The tentacles were the best. The point of view makes it look like and old 8-bit adventure game. =)"

There you go! That's a basic panel progression - although most of the time, I just write it, she draws it, and we're good.

Anyway, I'll show you the final panel as soon as it's done. Later!

Tuesday, November 15


Bill from Lithium Pro sent me the lettering for pages 1-5, and they are sweet. Here's a low-res glimpse of page one.

And, here's a close-up of the 'film motif' he did for captions. Pretty rad!

We now have a complete sumbission packet. Sabrina is working on coloring the extra pages, while Bax sketches out the preview issue.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Friday, November 11


Bax started doing the layouts for the preview issue. It'll be 8 new pages of art, and probably a cover image. She usually works 4-5 pages at a time, and then finishes them up.

The whole issue is done like a documentary film about the crew of the Anamorphic, where each member of the crew talks about their various jobs.

So here's a little peek at the first batch. I'll post some comparisons to the final pages soon.

I sent a few suggestions for panel layouts and stuff. I'll show you all that as bax send back more stuff.

Thursday, November 10


While waiting for some of our professional lettering to come back to us, Bax tried her hand at lettering some of our secondary submissions pages. I'm not gonna post them all, but here's my favorite of the bunch:

Not the highest resolution scan, but I hope it's a little bit readable.

Sunday, November 6


Okay, so I've been looking over everything and we're in pretty good shape! The website needed a little attention, so I'm messing with the template a little bit.

The ultimate goal is to put together a comic book that totally rocks, but we've been all concetrating on our immediate goal: making a submissions packet. Using Image comics as a benchmark, here's how we're shaping up:


1. Typewritten cover letter with all contact information.
2. Typed, one page, synopsis of the over-all story.
3. At least five pages that are fully inked and lettered. <---
4. Cover mock-up, with logo placement.

We're waiting on the lettered part of the first 5 pages, and the submissions stuff is ready to go. And we're darn close to the Dark Horse requirements, as well.

But we're adding an additional 5 pages to the mix, and quite possibly the eight page preview issue now. We were gonna use it to introduce readers to the characters and setting of Anamorphic, so why not use it on the edtors as well?

That's the update on the project today. Sabrina is working on some great colored pages that'll be going up very soon. And, Bax is getting the preview issue layouts all planned out. And I'm working on the website!

Since the story is sorta told by Lucy, the 20th century goth chick, we decided to make the website URL something that specific to her. Hence, the website now has a handy marketing domain: thefuturesucks.net!