Thursday, March 9


No word on my submissions packet yet, so Bax and I are still charging ahead on the series. For the entire month of February I was in Italy, but that didn't stop us from going back-n-forth on a few ideas.

And, I got really hung-up on the layout for page 9. It's a one page flashback that reveal that part of Lucy's seizures. Each panel zooms out a little more.

Above was the initial layout - which was good, but not quite what I had pictured in my mind. So I grabbed one of my reporters and had her go out in the freezing NBC parking garage and model for me.

I wrote:

Here's some photos I did as examples for page 9.
I made my reporter go lie out on the floor in the freezing parking garage and pose for these shots. She's no actress, but I hope you see the "dead on" view I'm hoping for.

Bax wrote back:

The photos look great! Probably the cold floor helped her in making the dead-with-eyes-open face. Poor thing.

I reworked the layout. I love the way you made the panels shrink as the camera zooms out. If you don´t mind, I followed very close to what you did with the pics. There were 4 panels in the script, but as the letters are captions only, we can work them in 3 panels and we get to have a veryy big shot of Lucy´s seizure face.

Again, I liked the layouts, but I'm think the 'angle' should be right on the floor. I used to have seizures and one thing I always remember is waking up with my face on the floor.

Bax wrote back:

Attached is a new version of page 9. I took a few photos of myself trying to figure out how to keep the point of view very low. Then I noticed that floor lines help create depth, so I added those. What do you think?

The perspective is perfect, and now we're just working on the panel sizes. And then we're moving on before I drive her insane with this page! I'll post the final layout when she sends it my way. And, actually now I'm thinking I really liked the last one she sent...