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Drunk Lightsabering at 4am

By July 20, 2013 My Geek Adventures

My longtime middle-school friend Andrew Page and I went on many drinking adventures during the first night Comic-Con. Free drinks were flowing, which later led to Andrew showing me some impressive lightsabering in the hotel parking lot.



Luckily, this was during Comic-Con, so no questions were asked – we were just silently judged.

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Let the Comic-Con Adventures Begin…

By July 17, 2013 My Geek Adventures



Once I got onto the exhibit hall floor, I rushed across the massive room to snatch-up some Adventure Time collectibles. I also took a moment to be locked up in the Ice King’s Lair for a photo opp.


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Getting Within Range of ‘Arrow’

By May 16, 2013 Collectibles, My Geek Adventures

interviewing Arrow! (Stephen Amell)

The great thing about attending the CW Network upfront event over all other network upfronts is that most of their shows are in the geek genre, so you don’t have to wait long for someone supernatural – or superpowered to come along. I was thrilled to meet Stephen Amell, known to everyone as Olliver Green on CW’s Arrow.

And after the event, as he came back down the green carpet, I managed to get my copy of Arrow #1 autographed by the man!

got Arrow to sign my 'Arrow'! #cw #arrow

Of course, the moment I posted this photo on Instagram I started getting comments about the condition of the spine. Let’s just say that it was MINT going to the event and ended up coming home as completely fucked in FAIR condition.

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Six Seconds of Damon Salvatore

By May 16, 2013 My Geek Adventures

The “green carpet” at the CW Upfronts was completely crazy, especially when all the stars began working their way down the line. However, by the time they got through the top-tier media the stars were less inclined to interview the lesser shows and internet or fringe media. So while we weren’t able to interview the networks main vampire, I was able to capture him on Vine as he briskly made his escape.

So no, I didn’t get a chance to talk about Lost theories and make everything all awkward during out Vampire Diaries interview – probably for the best.

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Times Square Spiderman Is Less Than Amazing (and Kinda Homophobic)

By May 15, 2013 My Geek Adventures

While traversing the touristy stream of human humanity that is the streets surrounding Times Square in downtown NYC, there are plenty of amazing characters to behold. And then there’s the Spiderman. (One of them anyway). My Tardis companion, Morgahn and I stumbled across him, as he “swung” from a utility pole on his “web” making sounds effects and chanting “Hero! Hero!”

It was at that moment that I decided to sneak a photo of him in action. However his Spidey sense went off and we got sucked into a conversation and taking some photos with him. He speaks in a thick Eastern European accent which lead me to believe that this might not be the actual Spiderman I’ve been reading about in the Daily Bugle. Spidey spent the next thirty seconds talking about how he “needed to be a hero to all the little kids” and then started talking about “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” as if he make up the stupid joke. At this point, I said, “Listen, Spiderman, I don’t want to listen to this bullshit from you, we just want to take some pictures.” He went on about how we was just kidding (but not really) and then did a number of action poses with Morgahn.


Then I persuaded him to do multiple acrobatic routines involving pole climbing, at least that way we felt our three dollars was well spent. Read More

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‘Saga’ Costumes Done Right!

By March 21, 2013 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

If you’re into comic books, or sci-fi and haven’t been reading Brian K Vaughn’s intersteller series, “Saga” then you are REALLY missing out. With the series being so damn brilliant, I wondered when there would be some seriously awesome – if any – “Saga’ cosplay at the cons. This past weekend in Orlando, I was thrilled to find several “Horns & Wings” amongst the crowd.

How perfect are these two?

Saga cosplay at MegaCon
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Amazing ‘Thundercats’ Cosplayers!

By March 17, 2013 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

While wandering aimlessly at MegaCon 2013, I spotted this group of Thundercats cosplayers slowly making their way to the main entrance. Check out these amazing outfits – sadly, there’s no Snarf.

ThunderCats Cosplay
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Some of my favorite snaps from Comic-Con 2012

By July 17, 2012 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

Chilling with the Regular Show’s Rigby and Mordecai

chilling with Rigby and Mordecai

Becoming one of Michonne’s zombie servants at the Walking Dead booth.

i became Michonne's zombie guy

Love the Daft Punk costumes! Although, who would really know if it was actually Daft Punk anyway?

Daft Punk cosplay

Camera: Fuji X100
Flickr: more Comic-Con photos

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Photos of the Hasbro GI-Joe Booth

By July 16, 2012 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

It’s no secret that, growing up when I did, I’m a Gi-Joe fan – though technically, I’m more of a Cobra fan than anything else. Here’s a few snaps from their display cases and elaborate action figure dioramas.

Cobra Commander

Cobra Command
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Networks Broadcasting from Comic-Con

By July 16, 2012 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

Now that I only do a handful of live remotes a year (many, I’m not even shooting), I have even more appreciation when I come across live broadcast locations. It’s funny to think I’m now one of the weird dudes, standing around the perimeter, staring and taking photos.

Here’s the super-impressive G4 studio location. I didn’t get any shots of my Chobot, but I did snap a blurry photo of Chris Hardwick eating a sandwich which didn’t make the cut.

G4 studio at SDCC

G4 stage at SDCC

And here’s the tiny (by comparison) interview stage at the FOX Television booth. Where I took a jab to the throat when security guys blocked the path, thinking that David Boreonaz was going to exit the booth in my direction.

Fox's interview stage at SDCC

And – for good measure – here’s a snap of the local broadcast warriors.

local media at SDCC

Camera: Fuji X100
Flickr: more Comic-Con photos

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Mini Live Trucks at Legoland Florida

By May 22, 2012 Florida, My Geek Adventures, Orlando, Photography, Toys

This past weekend, my family finally made it out to Legoland Florida. My daughter had a great time on all the rides, and we all enjoyed all the fun, little details in the Lego cities at Miniland, USA. I especially like how television news vans were well represented. Here’s a few shots of the mini news media in action.

Here’s an important press conference at City Hall. I think I see a miniature Lenslinger in there amongst the Lego photogs.

Here’s a news crew being hassled by the police (or possibly getting directions) on the National Mall.

And I found this news van headed to an important news conference in Miami’s South Beach.

Cam: Fuji X100
Loc: Legoland, USA

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