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My favorite geeky tourist find in Monterey

By April 16, 2014 California, geekery

You usually don’t expect to come across anything totally rad like this t-shirt in your average coastal tourist trap. The most I ever find are those gimmicky Marvel and DC tin boxes in candy stores. But Darth Vader with a surfboard on a vintage-looking tee. The force is certainly strong with Monterey, California.

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Assembling my fantasy Fantasy League team.

By May 10, 2013 Collectibles, geekery


Looks like I just need Lara Croft and I’m all set.
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My Angle Nesting Shelves

By January 4, 2012 Collectibles, geekery

I never thought I’d be talking about West Elm angle nesting shelves, let alone hanging them on my wall, yet here we are. And I love them.


My wife got me a pair of these (each in a set of three differently-sized trapezoidal shelves) for my geek lair. One is crawling with Vinymations and vintage cameras…

And the other houses some robots and film cameras, both are a spillover from the other robot, Vinylmation, and camera shelves.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend

By July 26, 2011 geekery, Orlando

Wildlife is taking over here at the Watkins Homestead. I’ve recently discovered that I might have a friend in the battle against the onslaught of pests invading my yard – my very own Hawk (or maybe it’s a falcon – I don’t know birds). I have yet to gain the Beastmaster ability to merge with his mind, be it definitely has read MY mind.

eating a rodent in my tree

The noble bird (otherwise known around the block as “Pete”) was seen, high above my driveway, snacking on a rodent. Until I find evidence to the contrary, I’m also crediting him with driving over the armadillo I spotted lying belly-up last week.

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Talking “Badass” with Ben Thompson

By May 31, 2011 geekery, Orlando

Back in April I went to an area book signing, featuring Ben Thompson from Badass of The Week, for the release of his new book, Badass: Birth of a Legend. I love reading his stuff. He’s also a fun guy to interact with, so I recentlywhipped up a little video interview piece for, interviewing Ben on all things “badass”.

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Star Tours Opening

By May 21, 2011 geekery, Orlando, Photography, The Daily Buzz

I’ve been working on lots of Disney-related promotions this past week, with all of it culminating around the grand re-opening of the Star Tours ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here’s a few of the shot I snapped this morning, both with my SLR and iPhone.

Nerd Barricade

iger and lucas

Blending In

lonely biker scout

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It’s hard to look badass while wearing transition lenses

By September 30, 2010 geekery, Orlando, The Daily Buzz

Medieval Times Knights (and me)

Here’s another photo of me getting ganked after shouting “For the Horde!”

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Eliza likes Tuvok the most

By August 4, 2010 Eliza, geekery, Photography

Eliza loves my Star Trek Dolls

This weekend, while unpacking boxes, I came across one of the many “nerd boxes” (as my wife calls them) containing various “collectibles” (which I like to call them) including my Star Trek dolls. So I decided to grab the entire crew of the U.S.S. Voyager and let my little toddler monster play house with them. I dumped them on the floor in front her, strategically timed to distract her while I assembled a mammoth Ikea entertainment center. It didn’t work, since she ended-up having a million questions about each doll. You know, typical stuff like, “Why don’t they have the same uniforms as the DS9 crew since they were active during the same stardate?” and “Shouldn’t Lieutenant-Commander Tuvok be wearing blue, rather than yellow?” So I had to take time to explain to her that the ship was out-of-contact in the Gamma Quadrant before Starfleet went to war with the Jem’Hadar and switched to the newer uniforms, and that Tuvok was a science officer earlier in his career, but wore yellow because the was a Tactical officer now.

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I still have a few items remaining

By July 26, 2010 geekery

Even when you cross off the imaginary items off the list, I still have plenty of work to accomplish around the new LLR headquarters. Eventually, I’ll be posting some shots (once the home renovation is done).

My Home Improvement List

My next step is to get the wireless cloud improved, before I get back to the real physical labor stuff. Luckily, I don’t have many meda devices hooked-up yet, so techno distractions are still minimal.

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Tupperware Divas!

By July 14, 2010 geekery

showcasing Tupperware with Dixie

Yesterday morning, the sensational off-Broadway starlett and Tupperware pitchlady, Dixie Longate stopped by the Daily Buzz studios to hawk her plastic wares and show off her kindly Southern charm. I pulled her aside for an impromptu video interview (which is crazy-hilarious; can’t wait to start posting it in a few weeks), but not before we posed as two sassy Tupperware divas. (Am I working that bowl or what?) In case you’re interested in getting something from her online store, just follow the link on her homepage titled, “buy stuff, hookers!”

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VaultTec engineering at its very finest.

By June 24, 2010 geekery, Orlando, video games

A sure sign of the impending nuclear holocaust is when you start seeing “Pip Boy” the Vault-Tec logo appearing on industrial machinery, like this generator in West Orlando. I noticed the large sticker on this industrial generator on the way home during our boring-ass commute last week and made a mental note that I absolutely had to take a photo before it was gone or vandalized. I’m crazy fanatic about the Fallout games, so to see some random thing like this is pretty rad.

Vault-Tec generator in Orlando

Taking the photo was a real pain. It was off the road, in a place where parking is wholly impossible. I trekked through high, grassy weeds that were crawling with lizards, in ninety-degree heat. Then I found that I had nowhere to stand that wasn’t on an ant hill – which gave me a ninety second window to snap some shots before the little bastards started biting my ankles. It’s sorta funny, considering that in Fallout 3 one of the first things I did after leaving Vault 101 was murder dozens of irradiated mutant ants. Virtual karma is a bitch.

I still ended up having a fun, spontaneous adventure tonight, and was completely floored when I got back home and realized that there’s a perfect robot shadow on the right side of the photo!

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list of names for my future indie rock band

By June 23, 2010 geekery

indie rock band namesThe chance of me actually starting a band is unlikely, since I really don’t play any instruments, apart from depeche-mode’n around on the keyboard. And while I tear up the stage at karaoke, I can’t really sing. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

But, I like to keep the dream alive by updating my list of possible names for my future indie rock-electro band. Here’s the list I have currently loaded in my iPhone notes application. My friend Audio (the editor of Android Delight – which would be another wicked-cool band name!) said that “the closest we’ll ever get to forming a band will be on Xbox Live in Rock Band.” Yeah, he’s probably right. Maybe it’s a good time to finally start the search for Emotional Laser’s new drummer.

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Ouija Board, won’t you help me?

By April 14, 2010 geekery

Ouija Board, won't you help me?

I just received my limited edition Morrissey ouija board, designed by illustrator Mike Maas! It is gorgeous and very high quality, so I’m definitely ordering the Cramps (and forthcoming Joy Division) boards soon.

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March Madness, indeed

By March 15, 2010 geekery, Meta

sky wheel keeps on turning

Is it just me, or did you also recently think to yourself: “I can’t believe it’s already mid March!” Seriously. I can’t fathom where all the time has gone (except those hours unselfishly sacrificed to the altar of the TV God in my living room). In order to catch-up with y’all for all the things that I neglected to blog about, I’ve prepared this handy list:

1I’m a “Mac” now. That’s right, after years of being one of those dudes who would recite a rehearsed list reasons as to why I would only use PC computers (customization, computer gaming, etc), I’ve finally made the switch. Or “found my way” if you believe the Apple zealots I work with. Basically, after over a year of working in Final Cut Studio, and witnessing first-hand how much easier my Adobe products work in the Mac OS, I realized that I was having a much better experience than with my PC products. So now I have a kick-ass 27′ iMac, fully juiced and loaded with all the fancy photo/video stuff I need. I got it loaded with Aperture 3, and right now I’m dabbling around in the program to see if I like it better than Lightroom 2.

2I’m back in the MMO world. Yeah, so now that I have a powerful-ish computer again, I’ve decided to check out some of the online games that I’ve been reading about online (or attempting to play their terrible, low-res demos on my laptop). Right now I’m plotting a course for adventure in Star Trek Online (screenshots coming soon), and hoping to meet-up again with some of my old MMO pals in World of Warcraft.

3Lost is rad, as if you didn’t already know. I look forward to the new island adventures each week, but I’m also dreading the end of the series. I have a feeling it’ll be crazy right up until the final moment, but I’m hoping that there’s a little “breathing room” in the final episode (much like the BSG finale) so that we can properly put these characters to rest – some quite literally, I’m sure. Also, I’m hooked on Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz, and eagerly awaiting the return of Party Down.

4I’m getting back into the “social media” scene. After becoming somewhat of a hermit, and half-assed Twitterer/Facebooker, I’m finding my way back to the glow of the computer screen. Thank, my iPhone, I guess. I think I sorta had to take a step back after being overloaded with all these people I know suddenly surging into the ‘new media’ and driving me nuts – not to mention all the SEO and “Social Media expert” douches that are coming out of the webwork.

5I bought cowboy boots. I’m not really going to go into it, but I have a pair of “shit kickers” as I’ve heard them called by gentlemen at the rodeo store.

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chicken fried bacon

By March 14, 2010 geekery, Houston

Last year’s carnival food discovery was “deep fried Oreos”…this year I wandered upon this glorious abomination:

chicken fried bacon

I sorta took this photo in a hurry, as I was eager to rush off to our table and have bite, but also because I had a hundred cowpokes in line behind me getting annoyed that I was nerding out and taking photos of my food. Anyway, let me say it again in case you missed the headline: Chicken Fried. Mother Fuckin’. Bacon.

[On a completely unrelated note: I’m getting really fat lately.]

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The view from the 24th floor

By February 9, 2010 geekery, Houston, Photography

If I were someone that used the disgusting phrase “get your creative juices flowing” then it would certainly be used to describe my sudden growth in productivity and killer work I’ve been doing in the past few weeks. Though, being that a good portion of my job is working on secretive video projects, I can only really show some random photo I’ve taken – like this one here:

houston buildings 1 (tilt shift)

Man, I have become a sucker for Lensbabies and tilty lenses lately. If there’s a support group I need to join it – LIKE NOW – especially since I’m about to get another lens. I took this photo from atop one of the hotels in downtown Houston for three reasons: 1) I was on a weird creative streak; 2) I also was able to shoot some much-needed HD skyline footage; 3) The “bathroom committee” at work was looking for some ‘Houston-ish’ artwork to hang up in the men’s room. (They ultimately picked a different skyline photo I shot)

Anyway, I’ve been working hard lately on some very special promos, and by the end of the week I should be able to post the video, and a cool behind-the-scenes thing I’m putting together.

Time to log off the blog and go look up Lost spoilers…

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Are blogs dead? Maybe just mine.

By November 16, 2009 geekery, Meta, video games

Anyone else having trouble updating their blog lately? It’s not that I don’t have any content, or random stories to share. I think that I’ve just become more adept at sharing them elsewhere (like the Facebooks and the Twitters). Sometimes I think I might just turn this thing into a Tumblr page and go mobile. Anyway, I’ve saved up enough bite-sized content for a regular sized blog post, so here goes:

1During a freak accident at a video shoot, my Blackberry plummeted several feet to its demise. All the more surprising, it actually wasn’t me that dropped it. I was forced to kick into “Operation Upgrade” several months early, and got myself an iPhone 3Gs (32gb). I no longer have all that “app envy” coursing through my veins. Quite the opposite. I think I need to download an application that will occasionally shock my hand, forcing me to put down the iPhone and pay attention to my surroundings.

2All these videos games are killing me. The crazy, pre-holiday momentum has really kicked-in, and I’ve done a great job of staying ahead of all the new Xbox game releases that I want to get. Which has been about one a week as of late. Thankfully, it’s over for me until the new year, and my real problem now is when to find time to play any of them. Currently I’m rocking: ODST, Borderlands, Dragon Age, Modern Warfare 2, and Left4Dead 2.

3I take too many photos of my toddler and robots (though rarely in the same photo). Looking to also break the mold was my friend Hangry, who invited me to start up a joint photography blog. I was going to wait until we had more posts going to mention it, but I needed more stuff to pad out this list. You can follow our semi-random photo-awesomeness at our newly minted site, Crop and Bracket.

4Somehow I’m still making time for television. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by V, considering that I’m crazy-possessive about the original mini-series. (I plan on writing a full nerdcore review of the show after the initial 4 episode run concludes.) Also, I’d like to give props to FX for awesome season’s of Sunny in PA and Sons of Anarchy.

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My ‘Office’ bobblehead collection (so far)

By October 7, 2009 geekery, Houston

My 'Office' bobblehead collection (so far)

I figured it’s probably time to take proper photo of my NBC bobblehead shelf at work. Somehow I got lured (I blame my obsessive personality) into buying “The Office” bobbleheads from the NBCU store. They release a new one each week – at a discounted price – and I still get to use my employee discount, so it’s really not that bad. Right?

I have one empty shelf ready to go, and exactly enough space for the unreleased b-heads. Though, I’ll have to find somewhere to put Michael Scott when he gets reissued (or I break down and buy him off eBay).

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How is it already October?

By October 6, 2009 geekery, Houston, Meta, Photography


I just got finished loading up my new office mini fridge with a case of Vitamin Water, leaving no room for anything else. Costco, man – it’ll do that. I just wandered around the station on this fine Tuesday morning, gabbing with various folks, coordinating video transfer details with master control, and stopping by the shipping office to see if any of my new The Office bobbleheads have arrived yet. I could use online tracking numbers, but I like to be surprised.

Last week I knew that a bobblehead was arriving for me, so I checked with the daytime security officer, Ricky about when the FedEx truck usually arrives. He was overly helpful and kept me updated throughout the day on the shipping patterns at the station. He later put the package on my desk. I kinda feel bad because he probably thought it was something terribly urgent or time sensitive, and I certainly didn’t have the nerve to mention that it was just a Toby Flenderson bobblehead.

Work is going well, and I’m starting to enter the finishing stages of another promo campaign while sorta planning for another. Presently I’m working on launching a new blog, finishing a book project, and doing some photography stuff. Mostly I’m playing Halo 3: ODST firefight mode with my Xbox crew. I’m always amazed how we can coordinate virtual death and destruction across three time zones. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing how my still photos are incorporated into an upcoming Dr. Oz episode, finding out if I get an Emmy (Atlanta was a bust, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Dallas), and heading to Oregon for a quick, hit-n-run holiday.

Also, the above photo is a dead bird that I saw lying outside the employee entrance on Friday.

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