Graphic Comics in Wellington, New Zealand

I knew that I’d be spending a few days in the Wellington area and noted Graphic Comics as a somewhere that I’d like to visit if the opportunity presented itself. Several days later the universe answered when I stumbled across Graphic while exploring a popular Cuba Mall shopping district. “Damn that’s a great location!”

However, it was confusing upon first glance because the shop looked closed – like deserted closed, when in fact they simply moved across the courtyard.

Disappointment was quickly averted when once inside I quickly found a well stocked wall of current releases and a nice selection of graphics novels. I always love finding the place where locals undoubtedly shop, and once again my sixth sense about locating top-notch comic shops was true.

The shop is legit, and caters to the casual crowd of tourists and shoppers that traverse the popular shopping district. If you’re on an extended stay in New Zealand and need a quick geeky fix (apart from everything Lord of the Rings) then Graphic is totally worth a visit.