Midtown Comics (Times Square), New York City

I did not anticipate how freezing cold I would be in New York this past weekend, but the winter chill cut into me as I made my way in the cold, dark evening to Midtown Comics – hoping to get in before they closed (or I froze to death).

Whenever I’m in the Times Square area I love to go by there and snap up store exclsive variant covers and other random things. For someone who regularly goes into random comic book shops, you would think that I’ve got everything I need, but somehow Midtown Comics always manage to surprise me.

The store is jam packed with titles and graphics novels with curios and collectibles adorning each and every corner. Upstairs is no different, but with an impressive section of back issues and shelves of action figures.

It’s worth walking the extra few blocks from the main touristy area, even in sub-zero temps.