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My nerd loot from StarFest ’89

By April 9, 2014 Growing Up Geek, The Vault

I’m glad to see that even 25 years ago, I was snapping photos of my geeky obsessions. I recently uncovered this pic from StarFest ’89 in Denver, Colorado. My middle school friends and I were devotees of StarFest and StarCon, saving up our allowance money and planning out our costumes and convention activities months in advance. Once we got to high school, our parents finally relented, allowing us to stay overnight at the hotel. Looking back, it probably wasn’t too worrisome for them, as we were total nerds and weren’t likely to get into too much trouble.

Scattered atop the hotel bedspread you’ll notice: Vulcan Language guide, The Visitors Handbook, Batman movie buttons, rolled up Enterprise NCC-1701 D poster, Star Trek: The Next Generation Data action figure, and convention newsletters featuring Star Trek V.

On the table in the background: homemade Tricorder, replica lightsaber, Star Trek collectibles price guide, and an RCA VHS camcorder.

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Eliza likes Tuvok the most

By August 4, 2010 Eliza, geekery, Photography

Eliza loves my Star Trek Dolls

This weekend, while unpacking boxes, I came across one of the many “nerd boxes” (as my wife calls them) containing various “collectibles” (which I like to call them) including my Star Trek dolls. So I decided to grab the entire crew of the U.S.S. Voyager and let my little toddler monster play house with them. I dumped them on the floor in front her, strategically timed to distract her while I assembled a mammoth Ikea entertainment center. It didn’t work, since she ended-up having a million questions about each doll. You know, typical stuff like, “Why don’t they have the same uniforms as the DS9 crew since they were active during the same stardate?” and “Shouldn’t Lieutenant-Commander Tuvok be wearing blue, rather than yellow?” So I had to take time to explain to her that the ship was out-of-contact in the Gamma Quadrant before Starfleet went to war with the Jem’Hadar and switched to the newer uniforms, and that Tuvok was a science officer earlier in his career, but wore yellow because the was a Tactical officer now.

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