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JLWatkins-380This is the personal website and portfolio for JL Watkins, blogger & photographer, currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area Portland, Oregon.

Right now, I’m a digital filmmaker and online content producer.

Previously, I had a fun career in television, working most recently as the Creative/Marketing Director for the nationally syndicated show, The Daily Buzz. Previously, I was kicking out TV reports & doing brand marketing for several NBC and FOX outlets, in addition to freelancing geek and technology content at various sites across the web. My work has been seen on NBC, CNN, FOX News, E! and Entertainment Tonight.

I’m passionate about photography, videography, and all the clever stuff that makes me happy to be a geek.


I’ve been posting to this blog since 2002, delivering geeky observations, personal adventures and behind-the-scenes commentary. For years, this is where I post my short films, photography, home movies, and show off work-related items that I’m happy with. The archives go all the way back about a decade, though I’m missing a ton of stuff from 2007-2009 due to a horrible WordPress database crash. Backups, folks – look into them. Nowadays, I mostly post video portfolio and other non-geeky, work-related stuff on my portfolio site:


I primarily shoot photos and videos on my Canon 5D Mark II and III, along with a Canon c300 or Blackmagic Design for short-form cinematography and work projects. For everyday use, I carry an iPhone 7+ or FujiX100 Sony a6000. I edit photos in Photoshop 6 CC, Lightroom 4 CC and cut all my video projects in Final Cut X or Adobe Premier. I’m skilled in Avid, a multitude of video acquisition gear, and a majority of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

I also have a completely secret online identity, in which I post way more content then I do here.