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My nerd loot from SDCC 16

By July 25, 2016 Collectibles, comic-con

I had another rad trip to San Diego Comic-Con this year, and I’ll load up some photos and impressions shortly. Until then, here’s the traditional photo of my loot, spread out on the hotel room bed.

You’ll find the usual SDCC stuff like bags and programs, and there’s a small amount of promotional books at items. I’ve gotten really good and just not accepting any weird, free thing someone hands me. Anyway, I got another unicorn t-shirt, Saga action figures (!!!) and some signed comics. It was a rather lean year for swag and collectibles.

However, my kids left the show with a TON of stuff, so mucf, in fact, that i was worried about our luggage weight for the return flight home.

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Here’s a few random Comic-Con ’15 snaps!

By July 13, 2015 comic-con, My Geek Adventures

I’m still going through the five million photos that I took at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and here’s of a my first favorites. Starting with Wonder Woman looking for back issues.

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My nerd loot from SDCC 15

By July 12, 2015 Collectibles, comic-con

It’s been My nerd loot from StarFest ’89 to snap a pix of all the just I acquired at a convention, spread out on the hotel bed. Here’s my assortment of junk (much of it free swag) from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I snatched up some exclusive comics, including Avatar’s Mercury Heat #1 (Limited Edition). I added two more Superfight expansions to my already overcrowded deck (I passed on the Anime set). I grabbed a lot of killer items at Super 7’s ‘Skeletor’s Lair’, and a bunch of indie graphic novels that have been on my list.

And believe it or not, this all somehow fit into carry-on luggage. FTW!

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I survived The Walking Dead Escape

By August 17, 2014 comic-con, My Geek Adventures

Over the past week since San Diego Comic-Con 2014 wrapped, I’ve often been asked what was my favorite part of the action packed weekend. It’s difficult while still in the Comic-Con haze to answer that question without blurting out a half-dozen crazy things. But now that I’ve had some time for my mind and body to recover, I can now say without hesitation that it was running through The Walking Dead Escape.

The event, which shoves participants into a massive zombie themed obstacle course, has been a staple on many of the “best of Comic-Con” lists for the past few years. I decided, “No more excuses!” I was determined to get chased by fake-Zombies this year, even if it killed me. And after three days of Comic-Con, it nearly did.

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Greetings from the Comic-Con Registration Waiting Room!

By March 16, 2014 comic-con

This weekend, geeks from all over the globe faced off against faceless opponents in this years online Battle Royale to get tickets to San Diego Comic-Con International 2014. I get nervous waiting for my press credentials, so I decided to snag some tickets as a backup. Here’s my journey through the online registration process.

7:54 – I hit the snooze button for the third time, and then quicky scan Reddit to see if there’s any problems with the waiting room. There isn’t, so I got back to sleep. You’re allowed to enter anytime between 7-9am, and it supposedly has no effect on your chances.

8:34 – I fire up the laptop and after entering my unique registration code, enter the waiting room. At least I think it’s the waiting room. For the next 24 minutes I routinely glance at the screen to make sure a little blue circle keeps spinning – my indication that everything is working properly.

9:00 – “You Have reached the EPIC waiting room.”
Let’s get this thing started.
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