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Album Comics – Paris, France

By June 30, 2017 Comic Book Stores

If you’re in Paris and (for some reason) need to take a break from all the gothic architecture, then I’ve got just the spot for you. Conveniently located a few streets down from Notre Dam Cathedral, Album Comics is an unbelievably well stocked and tourist friendly local comic book store. Read More

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Graphic Comics in Wellington, New Zealand

By December 22, 2016 Comic Book Stores

I knew that I’d be spending a few days in the Wellington area and noted Graphic Comics as a somewhere that I’d like to visit if the opportunity presented itself. Several days later the universe answered when I stumbled across Graphic while exploring a popular Cuba Mall shopping district. “Damn that’s a great location!” Read More

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Midtown Comics (Times Square), New York City

By December 2, 2016 Comic Book Stores, Comics

I did not anticipate how freezing cold I would be in New York this past weekend, but the winter chill cut into me as I made my way in the cold, dark evening to Midtown Comics – hoping to get in before they closed (or I froze to death).

Whenever I’m in the Times Square area I love to go by there and snap up store exclsive variant covers and other random things. For someone who regularly goes into random comic book shops, you would think that I’ve got everything I need, but somehow Midtown Comics always manage to surprise me.

The store is jam packed with titles and graphics novels with curios and collectibles adorning each and every corner. Upstairs is no different, but with an impressive section of back issues and shelves of action figures.

It’s worth walking the extra few blocks from the main touristy area, even in sub-zero temps.

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Kings Comics – Sydney, Australia

By September 20, 2016 Comic Book Stores

When I found out that I needed to go to Sydney for a video project the very first thing I did was to find out if I needed a travel visa. The answer was yes, so I’m glad that I did that first.

But…the second thing I did was – naturally – to research where all the local comic book shops are located. It turned out that I only really needed to visit one place, and all signs pointed me towards:Kings Comics, “Australia’s Award Winning Comic Book Specialty Store”. Read More

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Nexus in Reykjavik, Iceland

By June 21, 2016 Comic Book Stores, Comics

My geek game is strong this week in Iceland! After returning to Reykjavik on our final day, I managed to drop in on Nexus Comics. I haven’t done any research, but I’m guessing that it’s probably the country’s best comic book shop.

Here’s a panorama I snapped as I entered the shop (click to expand):


There’s an impressive games section, along with several shelves (and barrels) of fantasy costumes & weapons– perfect for some legit cosplay adventures in the Icelandic countryside.
Read More

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Henk Comics, Amsterdam

By November 15, 2015 Comic Book Stores, Comics

When I was firming up plans for an upcoming business trip to Amsterdam, I did the two things that I always do when preparing for a trip. The first was to research if any of my favorite bands were on tour there, and I was THRILLED to see that Chvrches would fit nicely into my evening itinerary (ignoring the fact that I’ve already seen them twice in concert this year). Secondly, I looked for local comic book shops, which led me to Henk Comics, located in the Chinatown area, just as it bleeds into the infamous Red Light District. I found the store along a cobblestone street, illuminated by early holiday decorations and neon lights.
Read More

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Things From Another World at Universal Citywalk

By October 10, 2015 Comic Book Stores, Comics, Uncategorized

While geeking out with my family at Universal Studios in California (which is inferior to the Orlando park in every way), I wandered into the ridiculously massive Things From Another World comic shop. Being a resident of Portland, I’m already very familiar with the TFAW brand, so it was kinda fun to see one of the shops outside my local area.



Like I said, the store is huge. Did this used to be a Rainforest Cafe or something? (j/k) While the store does have a current releases wall, it definitely caters mostly to the touristy, gift shop crowd with tons of Legos, t-shirts and Funko type figures. I mean, it would definitely be weird to have a pull list there unless you worked somewhere on the Universal Studios property or have a season pass to cover the expensive parking lots.

Anyway, there was a lot to check out there and would probably be a great introduction their online store for folks wanting to similar items when they get back home.

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Current Comics – Monterey, CA

By April 15, 2014 California, Comic Book Stores

First of all, this isn’t so much a review as it is a quick impression while out on one of my geek adventures. Speaking as a tourist, it was nice to side-step the family sightseeing on Monterey’s famous Cannery Row and take in some soothing, nerdy comic book images – if only for a few minutes. That’s really all the time you need to check out Current Comics. It’s small and lean, and probably the right fit if you already know exactly what you want.
Read More

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Dr Comics & Mr Games – Oakland, CA

By March 24, 2014 Comic Book Stores, Comics

While out on a family adventure this weekend, I had the chance to visit Dr. Comics & Mr. Games in Oakland, California.


Much like the Tardis, and most comic shops, it’s much bigger on the inside. The store’s layout is fairly straightforward, but devious by design. The new comics are along side walls, with the more popular (superhero) titles near the back. To get to them you must survive a gauntlet of irresistible collectibles ranging from Doctor Who trinkets to action figures of every variety.
Read More

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