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Comic Book Wednesday – February 26

By February 27, 2014 Comic Book Wednesday, Comics

Okay, it’s time for my weekly Wednesday comic book pull list – on a Thursday (work & life prevented me from snagging my precious books on time). Anyway, it’s a pretty thick week of awesome:

Rat Queens #5 – Without a doubt, this is
It’s slightly depressing to hear that this book is moving to six week shipping spread because I can barely wait a month between issues. Along with Saga, this is one of my absolute favorite comics in ages. There’s a reason it’s been on every “awesome comics” list in last few months.

Deadly Class #2
It’s time to start assassin school, or at least I hope that’s what happens. I’m a huge Rick Remender fan, and this book oozes cool.

Crossed: Badlands #37
I haven’t been that thrilled with the last few short arcs, though they’ve each had their moments. That’s the great thing about this ongoing run of Crossed, evenyone in the current story will soon be murdered and you get to meet a new bunch of survivors.

Revenge #1
I’ve been selective when snagging first issues lately, especially with so many new titles launching lately. The title makes the story somewhat self-explainatory, so it was definitely the gory artwork that added it to my stack. It just seemed like a perfect companion to read along with Crossed – and then weep for humanity.

Wake #6
I think it’s crazy clever the way the previous arc ended and then sprung ahead to the future timeline for the next half of the 10 issue run. I’m in love with the epic scope of this story. I hope the frantic pace keeps up, and the awesome character develops with this issue’s new introductions. I’m ready to see mankind’s last survivors finally start kicking merman ass.

Manhattan Projects #18
This story went insane a long time ago, and it always takes me a few minutes to remember where the last issue left off. However it’s always impressive how Hickman juggles all these super geniuses, their egos, and their complete lack of humanity among all the violence is a joy to behold.

Black Science #4
I love the hard sci-fi storyline of this title. I’m eager to read this one, but I need to play catch-up on #3 (and possibly restart the series) first.

Pariah #1
Another sci-fi title! It’s my lucky day. I’m pretty much going into this one cold, so I’ll let you know later how that whole ‘judging a book by its cover’ thing works out.

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Comic Book Wednesday – February 19

By February 19, 2014 Comic Book Wednesday, Comics

It’s a pretty modest week at the comic book shop (for me anyway). Here’s the titles I took away today:

Punisher #2
It’s been a while since I’ve seen the brutal, more real world version of Frank Castle from back in the Garth Ennis’ Marvel Knights/Max run. The creative team, Edmondson & Gerads knocked it out of the park in the premier issue, so I’m back again this month for more. Despite not having traditional superhero titles on my pull list, I might be adding the Punisher to my monthly rotation.

Morning Glories #37
Looking forward to this month’s installment of killer character progression and mental gymnastics. Four weeks still seems too long between issues. All my observations and grand theories fade between issues, so a Morning Glories marathon (starting from Season 2) is probably on my horizon.

Extinction Parade #5
Still enjoying this book. Maybe it’s just because I love watching the dumb vampires dig themselves deeper into extinction at every opportunity.

God is Dead #7
Another awesome Avatar Press book this week! I can’t comment on this one too much other than I also need to read the previous two installments.

A Voice In The Dark #4
There’s nothing else like this book on the market right now. It’s a moody and intelligent character study of college campus noir following a young female killer, trying to keep her impulses in check.

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What if Captain America had been elected President?

By September 2, 2008 Comics

Now that we’re just over two months away from the general election in November, I though it’d be a perfect time to examine a past election – which never happened because it’s completely fictional, and took place in an alternate reality to that fictional universe. Back in 1981, Marvel comics’ The Watcher asked the question, “What if Captain America had been elected President?”

This thrilling issue (What if? #26) examines Captain America’s run for the White House after being asked to join the New Populist Party as their presidential candidate. This was not an easy decision for Cap, and he sought the advice of three of the smartest members in Avengers history. Iron Man thought it was kinda ridiculous, while Yellowjacket, Beast, and Vision remained silent on the issue. It’s important to note that none of them would’ve made a very good running mate: Tony Stark (Iron Man) had his alcohol problems, Hank Pym (Yellowjacket) beat his wife, and it could be argued that neither Beast nor Vision were technically human – a requirement at the time that was necessary to become President of the United States

He eventually decided that America needed a change, and on the evening of the NPP convention Cap threw his cowl into the running. The media went wild with the news, and rumors soon floated around that Spiderman would be Cap’s top pick as a running mate. Eventually he tapped Washington outsider, Senator Andrew Jackson Hawk to be his veep. Being that Captain America has a high level SHIELD clearance, the vetting process for a running mate would have been quite thorough (The GOP could’ve used Nick Fury’s help last week when vetting Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin). Their campaign slogan, “America’s choice for the 80’s” was quickly plastered all over New York City, since that’s where 90% of the events in the Marvel Universe take place.

Despite their appreciation of Captain America’s service to the country, the opposing candidates were quick to dismiss his candidacy in the media. Jimmy Carter cited his lack of political experience, while Ronald Regan suggested that a masked man doesn’t instill much trust in the average America voter. Cap held a rally and announced that if elected, he would remove his mask for the world to see. It was noted in the press that Captain America had yet to state his position on the political uprising in the South American country of San Pedro. But that would have to wait…the election was tomorrow! (You gotta time love compression in comics.)

Captain America won the election by a landslide, having a clear lead in both electoral and popular votes. That evening the nation celebrated the election of this country’s first superhero president and African-American vice president. The inaguration came quickly (the next page!) and Captain America was sworn in as President of the United States. He kept his promise to the American people, and revealed his secret identity to be that of Steve Rogers. In the months that followed, President America gained the respect of the nation by creating a network of solar collection satellites, and “freeing America from the tyranny of foreign oil.”

It was a prosperous time for America, but in San Pedro people were struggling to rise up against a fanatical dictator. (This is where the issue veers into comic book mayhem) Against the advice from his cabinet and Vice President Hawk, Captain America went to South America to confront the dictator. It turns out to be a trap set by Cap’s arch-nemeis, the Red Skull, and the President is captured. The Skull plotted to use the solar satellites as a weapon against the Washington DC. With Nick Fury’s help, Cap escapes and redirects the beam back upon the South American base, vaporizing himself and the Red Skull in the process. The nation mourns (The Thing was a complete mess at the funeral), and a statue is erected in Arlington cemetery in memory of America’s greatest hero and President, Steve Rogers. Inscribed at the base of statue was the following verse:

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith. — 2 Timothy, 4:7″

At the end of the story, The Watcher noted, “But do not mourn for him, rather for America, a country bereft of her greatest champion…mourn for us all…but see that his death was not in vain.”


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