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Video: Eliza’s Egg Hunt 2011

By April 24, 2011 Eliza, Orlando

I can’t believe that it’s already been a whole year since we made last year’s Easter egg hunt video! Last year, we were in a downtown apartment in Houston, and now Eliza is chasing down eggs in our family-owned home in Orlando. Nevermind, it actually doesn feel like a whole year has gone by.

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Eliza Takes a Milk Break

By February 1, 2011 Eliza, Home Movies

My little gal is growing up so fast! She insists on pouring her own beverages, and usually does a pretty good job – until she gets greedy.

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instamatic christmas

By December 12, 2010 Eliza, Photography

I decided to let Eliza play with some of the vintage Kodak Instamatics that I have in my collection, thinking they’ would be a perfect addition to our impromptu holiday photo shoot by the tree.



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Driving Daddy around Disney

By November 18, 2010 Eliza, Orlando

Driving Daddy around the park

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lost in her own reflection

By October 11, 2010 Eliza, Photography

We took Eliza to Disney this past weekend, where she got her face painted. This is a snapshot her right afterwards, as she gazed at her self in the mirror.

looking in the mirror

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somewhere over the rainbow

By October 4, 2010 Eliza, Photography

Eliza’s Wizard of Oz costume from this weekend.

ready to trick or treat

Dorothy and Toto

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Eliza, tearing up Daytona Beach

By September 21, 2010 Eliza, Orlando, Photography


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Eliza likes Tuvok the most

By August 4, 2010 Eliza, geekery, Photography

Eliza loves my Star Trek Dolls

This weekend, while unpacking boxes, I came across one of the many “nerd boxes” (as my wife calls them) containing various “collectibles” (which I like to call them) including my Star Trek dolls. So I decided to grab the entire crew of the U.S.S. Voyager and let my little toddler monster play house with them. I dumped them on the floor in front her, strategically timed to distract her while I assembled a mammoth Ikea entertainment center. It didn’t work, since she ended-up having a million questions about each doll. You know, typical stuff like, “Why don’t they have the same uniforms as the DS9 crew since they were active during the same stardate?” and “Shouldn’t Lieutenant-Commander Tuvok be wearing blue, rather than yellow?” So I had to take time to explain to her that the ship was out-of-contact in the Gamma Quadrant before Starfleet went to war with the Jem’Hadar and switched to the newer uniforms, and that Tuvok was a science officer earlier in his career, but wore yellow because the was a Tactical officer now.

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Easter fun with the little one

By April 5, 2010 Eliza, Home Movies

Here’s the highlight reel from Eliza’s living room Easter Egg hunt this morning…

Eliza’s Egg Hunt from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

And here’s the beginning of the inevitable sugar high….

jellybean attitude
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Daddy and Eliza’s Hip Hop Show

By March 9, 2010 Eliza, Home Movies

Just messing around on the webcam at my computer. We have lots of little shows recorded so far.

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Gone, like a turkey in the corn.

By December 7, 2009 Eliza, Houston

The headline for this post is one of those random lines that’s been stuck in my head ever since hearing it in the Twin Peaks movie back in 1992. I believe the line was something close to, “She’s gone, James. Like a turkey in the corn.”

gone... like a turkey in the corn

Anyway, that sprung into mind when shooting this photo of one of the “wine cork turkeys” my wife and I made for Thanksgiving a few weeks back. And it’s sorta appropriate considering how fast this past month (and year, really) has flown by.

Luckily, most of my family has taken a pact not to buy each other gift this holiday season – mainly focusing on the kids and grandkids – so I’ve been somewhat immune to the ‘black fridays’, ‘cyber mondays’ and ‘fifteen more emails from tuesdays’ this year. That’s not to say I haven’t been tempted to get little presenty items here and there.

Luckily/Unluckily, much of my spending has been curbed after having to nuke my checkcard when I found that someone in the Czech Republic has been using it to make fraudulent charges. Fortunately, I caught-on rather quickly and the damage was minimal – although I was slightly disturbed that my bank didn’t get wise to it, considering the charges look like your classic, “We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your account” sort of thing.

Cyber-theft aside, all is going well. I haven’t watched the last episode of V yet, though I have seen that SNL “Reba” video about 5 trillion times. The Sons of Anarchy season finale was spectacular. And I’ve started to get over my aversion to PVP games, spending countless late-nite hours playing Ground War scenarios in Modern Warfare 2 – we even went so far as to start up a clan. The game limits your clan name to only 4 characters, so Hasser came up with H1N1 as our title. Classic.

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ToddlerTown; residents: 1

By October 28, 2009 Eliza, PDX, Photography, Portraits

home in toddler town

I was originally going to make the post’s title about the housing crisis, but decided it’d be better left as a fun caption game. Any ideas on clever captions for this pic? (I also posted this to my Facebook, so comment wherever you like).

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eliza in the p patch

By October 12, 2009 Eliza, Photography

Yesterday we had about a ten minute window between rain showers to get some photos in the pumpkin patch. Here’s a few of the highlights:

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moonwalking the zombie apocalypse

By July 7, 2009 Eliza, geekery, Photography

As every minute bit of Michael Jackson lore is unearthed, his influence on pop culture becomes even more apparent as all the many connections he had to the music, film and TV industry are increasingly highlighted. Right now, I love finding bits-and-pieces, or samples of his work, in songs by other artists.

Here’s a mp3 stream of my favorite piece of MJ sampling: the rolling synth line from Thriller

Prodigy – “The Way It Is”

Michael Jackson already has his place firmly cemented in zombie pop culture, but doesn’t that song just make you ready to slice-up the zombie horde with a chainsaw, or mow down the rising dead in a stolen Range Rover? I don’t know. Maybe I play too much Xbox. Anyway, in keeping with the apocalyptic theme of this post, here are two other, similarly faux-eighties-old-school-zombie-fighting anthems that are already in my iPod for when “Z Day” drops:

Evil Nine – “They Live!”

Kavinsky – “Wayfarer”

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Had a pretty sweet Father’s Day

By June 22, 2009 Eliza

We went to the zoo on Saturday (where this photo below was taken) and then to play in the water fountains in the park on Sunday. Our goal was to get a bunch of stuff done each morning when the temperature was still at a cool 96 degrees, and chill at home when it got into the triple digits.

Riding the zebra with Daddy

This week a bunch of cool projects that I’ve been working on will finally be let out into the wild, and I’ll finally be able to post some rad photos and videos on the blog. Later this week we’re off to Atlanta for the Southeast Emmy awards thing, and I can’t wait to see dozen of old colleagues and friends while I’m in town.

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My first year of being a Daddy

By May 11, 2009 Eliza

these two are serious about basketball

It’s been a full year since we’ve adopted Eliza and I became a Daddy. Here’s a list of just a few of the little things I’ve learned:

At some point you begin to think of adult women on the Disney Channel as hot.
Choo Choo Soul anyone? (My wife just said “Gross!” when she read this over my shoulder.)

There is no time for blogging and videogames. Okay, I can’t really say there isn’t time for them. There just isn’t time for BOTH of them. Shotgunning wasteland raiders in the face in Fallout 3 usually wins over all the typing and thinking and photoshopping. Although, I do keep the Eliza’s blog pretty well updated.

I need to watch my language. Seriously. This kid picks up words and movements amazingly fast, and I’m actually kinda surprised that she hasn’t randomly said the “F-word” at the most inopportune moment. I do think that she started to pick up the word, “shit” a few weeks ago, but Mommy and I caught that one really fast have since started saying “shoe” instead. We went overboard, constantly pointing out footwear until she was, in fact, only talking about shoes.

It’s hard not to want to give her Cola. When she was a tiny baby, we’d always get excited whenever she’d try a new kind of baby food. And now we’re in the phase where it’s fun to give her an occasional french fry or corn dog. That’s fine, but what she really wants is to drink my Coke – and will pull out every cute trick in the book to get a sip. I’d be lying if I said she didn’t sometimes get her way.

Being a father is awesome. I love this little kid, and it’s hard not feel like a rockstar every day when she starts screaming wildly and chanting “Dada! Dada! Dada!” I’m enjoying every second of it while I can because I know it’s only a matter of time until she wants me to drop her off a block before school so her friends don’t see her getting out of my old 2007 Subaru legacy.

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a family that texts together…

By April 28, 2009 Eliza

Here’s showing off some of our quality family time this weekend.

a family that texts together....

Okay, it might look like we’re all in our own separate worlds, but in fact, we all split up the work when it comes to trolling the internet for Lost spoilers. I read the latest updates from Spoilerfix while KyAnn checks the Lost Wiki, and baby Eliza gets into flame wars on the ABC and Fuselage message boards.

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The Adventures of Danger Baby!

By April 28, 2009 Eliza

climbing the big slide

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Now that’s what I call a show!

By April 24, 2009 Eliza, Home Movies

Our daughter, Eliza loves grooving during the theme songs to various TV shows. She really gets into 30 Rock, The Office, and The Wire. Well, tonight she took her whole routine up a notch when the Parks & Recreation theme kicked-in. Hilarious! We kept rewinding the show and recording her going berserk to the song, and each video I shot had some awesome, new move she added – this one is my favorite because of the dramatic finishing move.

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