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“Local 2 Investigates is there.”

By June 25, 2009 Houston, KPRC, Promos

I’ve been doing a lot of promos at KPRC recently, but haven’t had any new video to post. Most of my stuff lately has had a lot of NBC footage, and is more ‘day turn’ sort of stuff anyway. Well, I finally have something blogworthy. Here’s one promo from a series of new spots promoting KPRC’s kick-ass investigative unit, Local 2 Investigates.

Did I mention this was all shot on my still camera? Aww yeah, 5D2 FTW!

Local 2 Investigates image promo from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

There’s also an alternate version of this spot, with just the announcer speaking (and a really-alternative version that I’m hoping gets approved), and also each of the reporters has their own shorter personalized promo.

With all the cool 3D animations and Lensbaby HD video aside, my favorite part has got to be the ‘street posters’ of the gang. My boss thought of it when we were out scouting locations for the shoot, and it worked out really well. Now I have three giant posters of the gang looming over me in my office, keeping watchful eye over my internet usage.

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“Stephen Dean is there.”

By June 25, 2009 Houston, KPRC, Photography

Stephen Dean

I’ve been snapping a ton of RAW photos, and I finally got the chance to shoot a project that can use some ‘high pass’ and bleach filtering that I’ve been dying to process some photos with. The investigative photos work better with this look than shots of my daughter playing with dolls, for sure.

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Hanging out in my quiet place.

By April 28, 2009 Houston, Photography, Toys

Now that I look at it, this shot kinda looks like he’s hanging out at the edge of the Golden Gate bride, thinking about jumping.

hanging out in my quiet place

Finally getting back in the groove of things, and taking more robot photos. I have so many new bots that need to get in on the action.

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very bad for you

By April 15, 2009 Houston, Uncategorized

very bad for you

I have a love/hate relationship with this Gossip Girl billboard that hangs over my commute home each day. It features a young couple that are perpetually about to “go at it”.

On some afternoons I look up there and think, “Aww yeah!” On other days, when I’m not in the mood for their foreplay, I think, “Get room already!” But they never get a room, nor do they ever stop. He just keeps kissing her neck over and over again, and she always looks as if she’s about to fall out of the billboard onto the 610E.

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I finished a few Conan promos

By March 13, 2009 Houston, KPRC, Promos

Here’s a few of the quick, local promos for the Tonight Show countdown.

These don’t air for well over a month, but I was given the green light to post them on the blog. Plenty of time for me to obsess about one or two small things that I want to tweak before then.

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Tuesday was Conan O’brien Day

By March 10, 2009 Houston, KPRC

This morning I rushed to work a little faster than usual (sorry traffic cops) becuase I just couldn’t wait to get there. And why is that? Well, because today Conan O’Brien was in town to check-in on his favorite Houston NBC affiliatte.

Conan and me

I was on-hand to witness all the action, and was lucky enough to produce some promos starring him and our anchors. Strictly from my point of view, here’s how the day went down:

8:30am – Got to work, and my boss updated me on some changes to our scripts, and we also added some copy for other affiliattes and a few other random ’shout outs’. Moments later I got to work making cue cards by printing out large-fonted scripts from MS Word. Feels like deja vous, after doing this just over a week ago with Mario Lopez.

9am – Half hour away from shooting, and I went with the photographer into the studio to get everything set up. I took over part of the Severe Weather center and made it home to my stacks of scripts and cue cards.

9:30-10am – During this period we all sorta waited around, and used the time to make minor script and lighting tweaks. Conan arrived in the building and did a newspaper interview. At one point, someone from our building ran up to me and asked if I had an electric razor and Splenda brand sweetener. I’ve learned from MacGuyver that these two elements, when combined, make a very powerful explosive.

10:05am – Went to my desk and emptied out my Splenda stash, so that Conan could have a sweet, delicious beverage to sip on.

10:30am – We got into the studio, and I snapped a few pics while one of the anchors did an interview with Conan. He’s really friendly and constantly cracks clever jokes as we maneuver through each new thing we have him do. He briefly talked about how the robotic newsroom cameras were “learning our ways and would someday rise up an murder us all’. With him today was also his show’s EP and a videographer (who was a really cool guy that works on his show, and may possibly be a producer on The Office and other way-too-cool stuff). Afterwards I quickly introduced myself, and then was told by the affiliatte relations person that I should calm down and talk slower – a difficult thing to do after drinking a venti Starbucks Cafe Americano.

The rest of my post got eaten in the database error…posting it soon…

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