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Moblie ‘Glitch Pics’ from Kennedy Space Center

By May 20, 2013 iPhone, Photography

I snapped a ton of photos from my recent trip to Kennedy Space Center, while riding shuttle buses and waiting in lines, I glitched out some of my favorite iPhone pics (using Decim8). The first one I rendered was, by far my favorite of the batch – and probably the best glitch I’ve ever done.

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Instagram: Tube Inspection

By March 29, 2012 iPhone, Photography

Tube Inspection #photooftheday #disneyfantasy

I wandered around the deck of the Disney Fantasy on Tuesday morning, trying to capture a decent shot of this guy inspecting the AquaDuck tube. I nearly fell into the pool, and I ran into a desk that seated two guys doing a live radio broadcast. I have some cool, raw shots of this guy, but the best moment was the following day, when I glanced up and he was right above me and all I had was my iPhone. It made for a perfect Instagram moment!

camera: iPhone 4
instagram: littlelostrobot

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iPhone snaps: Florida sightseeing

By August 24, 2011 Florida, iPhone, Photography

We’ve been traveling around the state recently, doing little “staycations” and checking out all there is to do outside of Central Florida. My wife has an amazing ability to book luxurious, expensive hotel suites at incredibly low prices, so we’ve been zooming around a lot. Here’s a few recent snaps I took with my iPhone:


Jacksonville bridge

Downtown Miami

West Palm

Benny's on the Beach

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