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snapshots of people from work

By October 7, 2010 Orlando, Photography, The Daily Buzz

Lauren doesn't smoke

Kia and the Medieval Times Knights

brandi williams

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somewhere over the rainbow

By October 4, 2010 Eliza, Photography

Eliza’s Wizard of Oz costume from this weekend.

ready to trick or treat

Dorothy and Toto

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various stages of decay

By October 4, 2010 Photography

Here’s a quick collection of decaying things that I’ve been “collecting” recently with my camera. Fun fact: Many were found in my parent’s backyard.

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Eliza, tearing up Daytona Beach

By September 21, 2010 Eliza, Orlando, Photography


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Three various snapshots from the workplace

By August 18, 2010 Orlando, Photography, The Daily Buzz

When I’m not locked away in my office writing code and participating in conference calls, I like to sneak out into the studio and see what the rest of the folks are doing. Here’s a few shots that I’ve taken at work lately.


Tank @ The Daily Buzz studios

Zackleys Girl

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Eliza likes Tuvok the most

By August 4, 2010 Eliza, geekery, Photography

Eliza loves my Star Trek Dolls

This weekend, while unpacking boxes, I came across one of the many “nerd boxes” (as my wife calls them) containing various “collectibles” (which I like to call them) including my Star Trek dolls. So I decided to grab the entire crew of the U.S.S. Voyager and let my little toddler monster play house with them. I dumped them on the floor in front her, strategically timed to distract her while I assembled a mammoth Ikea entertainment center. It didn’t work, since she ended-up having a million questions about each doll. You know, typical stuff like, “Why don’t they have the same uniforms as the DS9 crew since they were active during the same stardate?” and “Shouldn’t Lieutenant-Commander Tuvok be wearing blue, rather than yellow?” So I had to take time to explain to her that the ship was out-of-contact in the Gamma Quadrant before Starfleet went to war with the Jem’Hadar and switched to the newer uniforms, and that Tuvok was a science officer earlier in his career, but wore yellow because the was a Tactical officer now.

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This headline is about moving to Orlando

By May 21, 2010 Orlando, Photography

disney castle (agfa optima)

I feel like I’m on vacation. Maybe it’s because, in the midst of all of our intense relocation efforts, we went to DisneyWorld. That’s right, we didn’t last three days before going to the Magic Kingdom (and tomorrow we’re going to SeaWorld). Actually, it’s kinda perfect that we’re taking a little time off as a family. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate our adoption anniversary, and now we also get to celebrate getting pre-approved for a home loan. The house hunting has already begun, and my chances of having a secret lair or ‘man cave” are still pretty good.

I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since our whole moving ordeal and partial cross-country trip! Logistical nightmare. Also, it was surreal to see the urban landscape transform from the Texas South back to “The South”. You know, I probably should have noticed it sooner, as the number of Cracker Barrel restaurants increased significantly, but it was driving past the thirty anti-abortion billboards in Pensacola that made me go, “Oh yeah. This kind of stuff again.” Though, now that we’re in Orlando I’m finding it to be less “The South” and more just “Awesome America”. All in one region we have: palm trees, theme parks, water parks, alligator hunting, nearly every fast food and retail chain, NASA, NASCAR, and Daytona Beach.

America, fuck yeah.

It looks like my new weight loss plan (called, “Just Stop Eating Like a Pig”) will have to be put on hold, as I now freak out every time I see 7-Eleven and can start drinking Slurpees again. And I’m thrilled to have a fridge filled again with gallons of Publix brand Diet Sweet Tea. It’s a gift from the Sucralose Gods.

I enjoy the little things in life to excess.

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lost in Disneyworld

By May 20, 2010 Florida, Orlando, Photography


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Mini Photoset: Eliza’s Cardboard Box

By May 10, 2010 Orlando, Photography

Eliza loves watching us pack up the house, so much in fact, that she wanted to be part of the action. So I gave her a large wardrobe box to play in (which kept her entertained for about 20 golden minutes), and here’s a few of the shots I snapped while she played.

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Proof Reel: Broadcast News Image (KPRC)

By April 21, 2010 Houston, KPRC, Photography, Promos

Proof Reel: Broadcast News Image from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

If you’ve seen any of my promos in the past year, then chances are you’ll recognize some of this footage. Basically, I’m getting my various reels together for my (soon-to-be) upgraded photo/video site…and whatever future marketing needs I might have now that we’re moving. My intent is to demonstrate my digital cinematography skills for use in broadcast promos and related projects.

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I’m buying up all the pill pouches

By April 9, 2010 Photography

I’ll admit: I have trouble keeping my media in the cases they come with. Just look at all the Xbox and Netflix discs scattered around my television. Back when I was a photographer at KPTV, the old-man editor could never find my field tapes on the shelf because he “only looked at tapes that are in cases.” Such a dick. Anyway…

pill pouches

This post is to tell y’all that I’ve been buying up all the pill pouches at the pharmacy. Don’t even bother looking. It’s not because I need a better way to sort my drugs (I call them “skittles”), but rather to better organize my compact flash cards.

Granted, the thin plastic film doesn’t offer much damage protection, but it does offer some protection from moisture – such as teardrops or Dr Pepper. I like that it allows me to label and group cards together in the same pouch. I’m always shooting video on multiple cards and audio data on a SD card, so I like that I can group them together and lose them all at the same time.

I’m also considering filling up the packets with useless pennys and labeling them “dirty bum change” to hand out to all the jerks that pester me at the intersections in Sharpstown.

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Dominique at Miller Outdoor Theater

By March 16, 2010 Houston, KPRC, Photography

I’m trying to start posting more of my daily workflow on the blog, but since I don’t really have any shots of me pushing paper or sitting in meetings today, I’ll go with this image from Friday’s promo shoot at Miller Outdoor Theater. On that afternoon I had a chance to play with some wicked, new lighting equipment.

Dominique at Miller Outdoor Theater

For an impromptu still image (I was shooting video at the time) I think it came out rather well. Though I can’t take too much credit. Between Dominique and my Canon 5DII being awesome, all I had to do was push the button on top of the camera.

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cody and the possum

By February 24, 2010 Photography, Portraits

I was just cleaning up my laptop, preparing it for the transition to Windows 7 (aka “Operation Futile Performance Upgrade”) and I came across another one of the creepy photos I took in my parent’s orchard on Thanksgiving.

cody and the possum

This is a companion photo to the “Tater in the Orchard” pic that I posted here (and everywhere) previously. It was hard to get a good shot of Cody looking all creepy because he’s always such a smiling, pleasant kid. I started to do some antiquing and film damage to the photo, but lost track of the project so the above photo is all I got until I find the rest of them.

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News at the Speed of Life (:30)

By February 15, 2010 Houston, Photography, Promos

Here’s the first spot in our new promo campaign that began Friday night during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. I shot about 95% of it with my 5D2, except for a few HD stock shots of people that I needed (so that it wasn’t all news people looking rad).

KPRC – 2010 Image Spot (#1 :30 version) from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

There’s an alternate (longer) version on our promo department’s YouTube channel, in case you want to see the same spot, but twice as long.

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The view from the 24th floor

By February 9, 2010 geekery, Houston, Photography

If I were someone that used the disgusting phrase “get your creative juices flowing” then it would certainly be used to describe my sudden growth in productivity and killer work I’ve been doing in the past few weeks. Though, being that a good portion of my job is working on secretive video projects, I can only really show some random photo I’ve taken – like this one here:

houston buildings 1 (tilt shift)

Man, I have become a sucker for Lensbabies and tilty lenses lately. If there’s a support group I need to join it – LIKE NOW – especially since I’m about to get another lens. I took this photo from atop one of the hotels in downtown Houston for three reasons: 1) I was on a weird creative streak; 2) I also was able to shoot some much-needed HD skyline footage; 3) The “bathroom committee” at work was looking for some ‘Houston-ish’ artwork to hang up in the men’s room. (They ultimately picked a different skyline photo I shot)

Anyway, I’ve been working hard lately on some very special promos, and by the end of the week I should be able to post the video, and a cool behind-the-scenes thing I’m putting together.

Time to log off the blog and go look up Lost spoilers…

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Channel 6 won’t be live at five

By December 20, 2009 Photography, Toys

the Channel 6 crew will not be live at 5

Maybe it’s because the live truck driver fudged his pants, or maybe because they can’t get a working signal out on Isla Sorna. Or maybe it was because they were devoured by a giant moth. Either way, they won’t be going live at five.

[flickr album=72157618484791326 num=6]

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tater in the orchard

By December 14, 2009 PDX, Photography

Here’s the first of several disturbing photos that I shot of my brother hanging out in my parent’s orchard. It was just above freezing, and he took off his shirt and held a (already dead) possum for the sake of hillbilly authenticity.

tater in the orchard

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no place for baby

By December 2, 2009 Houston, Photography

no place for baby

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cowboy flip book

By November 23, 2009 Photography

I found this old timey flip book, and decided to give it the HD treatment.

cowboy flip book from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

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