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That one time I decided to be The Avengers…

By March 10, 2015 Photography, Portraits

I have no idea where I began with this little project. One day I was trying on a Thor helmet, and just a Prime shipping days later I had several costumes that I just had to be photographed wearing. Why be one Avenger when you can be them all, right? Without telling anyone other than my studio assistant, I threw this little photo shoot together.


Here’s how my Avengers got assembled:
I grew out my beard for a few days until it seemed good enough for Thor, and then picked a quiet night in the studio to knock out the photos. (Studio setup photos below) Read More

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Eliza’s Fall Photos

By October 11, 2012 Eliza, Orlando, Photography, Portraits

Here’s two snaps from our annual (and somewhat required) visit to the pumpkin patch for Fall photos. I’m thrilled that the best photos don’t actually feature any pumpkin, but rather this rusty, weird tree that was nearby.

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Gallery: Ginny & John Get Married

By October 1, 2012 Photography, Portraits

Here’s some photos I shot from my friends, Ginny and John Sweeney (whom I worked with in Houston) a few months back. I just delivered the final batch (slow, I know) of wedding pics and decided to post a few here.

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Andrew Spear Kicks Ass

By August 7, 2012 Orlando, Photography, Portraits, The Daily Buzz

Andrew Spear & theDBZ Mural

My boss really let me go all out when redesigning The Daily Buzz studio. We don’t have a huge budget, so it’s very DIY. I rolled the dice and hired my favorite Orlando artist (and now friend) Andrew Spear to ninja-punch our bare studio wall into something spectacular.

Andrew Spear

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PHOTOS: Recent Workplace Photos

By July 15, 2011 Portraits, The Daily Buzz

I’ve been crazy-buzy shooting promos and administrating the other 5 websites and multiple webpages that I work on, so I haven’t had much time for photo inspiration. Here’s a few recent snaps from work in the past week:



Rob and Mitch

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cody and the possum

By February 24, 2010 Photography, Portraits

I was just cleaning up my laptop, preparing it for the transition to Windows 7 (aka “Operation Futile Performance Upgrade”) and I came across another one of the creepy photos I took in my parent’s orchard on Thanksgiving.

cody and the possum

This is a companion photo to the “Tater in the Orchard” pic that I posted here (and everywhere) previously. It was hard to get a good shot of Cody looking all creepy because he’s always such a smiling, pleasant kid. I started to do some antiquing and film damage to the photo, but lost track of the project so the above photo is all I got until I find the rest of them.

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ToddlerTown; residents: 1

By October 28, 2009 Eliza, PDX, Photography, Portraits

home in toddler town

I was originally going to make the post’s title about the housing crisis, but decided it’d be better left as a fun caption game. Any ideas on clever captions for this pic? (I also posted this to my Facebook, so comment wherever you like).

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the good, the bad, and the baby

By July 27, 2009 Portraits

the good, the bad, and the baby

We decided to take some fun, Texas-sized photos this afternoon, but Eliza was having none of it. But that actually worked out because she looks like a mean, little gunslinger in some of these pics. My caption for this photo was the title, but I’m interested to see what any of y’all might come up with…

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