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Daryl Dixon’s Chopper (Funko Pop! Rides review) – The Walking Dead

By November 18, 2014 My Stuff, Toys

It’s a slippery slope, buying vinyl Funko figures. They’re so affordable, ubiquitous, and highly collectible. As a geek, it’s near impossible to avoid having one. Recently, I’ve fallen off the deep end and snatched-up pretty much the entire run of American Horror Story and The Walking Dead Funko Pop! Vinyl collections for my office at work.

Luckily, I can turn this obsession into something more productive – such as doing some fun videos for the new action figure review site, GoFigure. I won’t usually post the videos here, but I wanted to share the news. This week I’m showing off the completely badass Daryl Dixon’s Chopper (terrible sound effect not included).

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Mini Live Trucks at Legoland Florida

By May 22, 2012 Florida, My Geek Adventures, Orlando, Photography, Toys

This past weekend, my family finally made it out to Legoland Florida. My daughter had a great time on all the rides, and we all enjoyed all the fun, little details in the Lego cities at Miniland, USA. I especially like how television news vans were well represented. Here’s a few shots of the mini news media in action.

Here’s an important press conference at City Hall. I think I see a miniature Lenslinger in there amongst the Lego photogs.

Here’s a news crew being hassled by the police (or possibly getting directions) on the National Mall.

And I found this news van headed to an important news conference in Miami’s South Beach.

Cam: Fuji X100
Loc: Legoland, USA

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Angel would be so jealous.

By April 12, 2011 Collectibles, Toys

The Greatest Story Never Told

Now that I have a little girl, I’ve found that it’s difficult to own dolls collectibles and keep them in the packaging. I’ve already donated the entire crew of the Star Trek: Voyager to her own geeky toy collection, and tonight she inspired me to crack open one of the Buffy dolls I’ve had in cryogenic freeze (aka “the garage”) for several years.

Noticing that both the Slayer and my “Tigerman” Elvis doll are both rockin’ leather jackets, I decided it was time for them to team up and kick some ass over the Sunnydale Hellmouth. At some point, I’ll build a proper set with lighting, and try this photo again.

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Channel 6 won’t be live at five

By December 20, 2009 Photography, Toys

the Channel 6 crew will not be live at 5

Maybe it’s because the live truck driver fudged his pants, or maybe because they can’t get a working signal out on Isla Sorna. Or maybe it was because they were devoured by a giant moth. Either way, they won’t be going live at five.

[flickr album=72157618484791326 num=6]

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rusting away again in Margaritaville

By May 28, 2009 Photography, Toys

rusting away again in Margaritaville

The cruise ship docked in Montego Bay this morning and we wasted no time hitting the beach. I’ve spent the past few days getting acquainted with the layout of the Carnival Conquest, and I’m fully prepared to defend the vessel from disgruntled Navy Seals and Special Forces commandos who take over the ship (like in Under Seige or Speed 2). While everyone else was sipping pina coladas I’ve been climbing through miles of air conditioning ducts and practicing maneuvering the ship as if it were flipped over. I think it’ll all pay off.

Other than that, I’ve been to the beach, some shops, and Margaritaville (where all shakers of salt are firmly glued to the table).

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Another missed live shot for Channel 6

By May 19, 2009 Photography, Toys

channel 6 is lost again

May sweeps did not treat the Channel 6 news team very well, and missing this live shot only added to their misery. Just goes to show that the GPS navigator isn’t always right.

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Hanging out in my quiet place.

By April 28, 2009 Houston, Photography, Toys

Now that I look at it, this shot kinda looks like he’s hanging out at the edge of the Golden Gate bride, thinking about jumping.

hanging out in my quiet place

Finally getting back in the groove of things, and taking more robot photos. I have so many new bots that need to get in on the action.

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