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Tasteful Interactions #5 – Ataula

By April 19, 2019 PDX

Another fun foodie vid that I produced for Marshall’s Haute Sauce, and their sauce partnership with Ataula restaurant in NW Portland.

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Tasteful Interactions #4 – Lardo & Grassa

By August 18, 2017 PDX

Here’s another installment of Tasteful Interactions that I produced for my best pals at Marshall’s Haute Sauce.

“Rick Gencarelli (Lardo and Grassa) brings a unique heat to Steamed Manilla Clams using our new Pickled Calabrian Balsamic sauce, exclusive to Lardo Sandwiches. “

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Dungeons & Dragons & Karaoke

By February 25, 2017 My Geek Adventures, PDX

I’ll admit, it’s been a real hassle getting my group of forty-something nerds together for D&D night. Between kids and jobs, and the endless march of time, the timing is never just right for each of us to drop everything and throw down with a d20. So when we get together, it’s imperative that we make the most of the evening.

We’re all aligned in the same goal, to “get out of the house” and socialize, which is why none of us simply host the event at one of our houses. We often opt for a bar or restaurant where we can slip into a corner booth and be left alone. It doesn’t always work out. People spot us nerds from a mile away.

I was lamenting this fact to our rogue, Melinda saying, “I wish there was a place like Voicebox where we could just get a room and play D&D.” For those of you that aren’t from Portland, Voicebox is a karaoke bar where reserve private rooms for karaoke parties. It turns out that Melinda had a Groupon deal and the rest is history. Within 10 minutes we had all agreed to play D&D in our Voicebox room, while singing and performing throughout the night. Read More

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Portland, I’m glad to get to know you. Again.

By June 25, 2015 PDX

It’s weird being back in the Pacific Northwest. It’s not the first time I’ve have this notion when returning to Portland. But it’s so much more tangible now that I’m here to stay. Maybe it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Over the past ten years I’ve been a Portlander at heart, but with each passing year I realize less what that actually means. It appears being a hipster weirdo is still an option, if I want to go back down that path. The city hasn’t changed much, but it has been changed all around. Places I used to frequent have been replaced, or have altogether vanished. Streets now make weird turns in directions I’m never expecting.

I used to know how to navigate the city by all the grim landmarks of TV new stories I’ve covered. I’m relieved that the mental overlay of homicides and sex crimes is now less opaque when I travel throughout the town. In my younger days, I knew the city by its nightlife. These days, I’m getting to know it again through family friendly activities and discovering geeky stores as I explore my fine city once again.

And even though I’m no longer breakdance fighting for survival, or busting up vampire dens in Old Town, part of it still feels right. I’m finally back.

And yes, #@$% you, I moved here from California.

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I miss Oregon

By April 9, 2011 PDX

I miss Oregon

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tater in the orchard

By December 14, 2009 PDX, Photography

Here’s the first of several disturbing photos that I shot of my brother hanging out in my parent’s orchard. It was just above freezing, and he took off his shirt and held a (already dead) possum for the sake of hillbilly authenticity.

tater in the orchard

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ToddlerTown; residents: 1

By October 28, 2009 Eliza, PDX, Photography, Portraits

home in toddler town

I was originally going to make the post’s title about the housing crisis, but decided it’d be better left as a fun caption game. Any ideas on clever captions for this pic? (I also posted this to my Facebook, so comment wherever you like).

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Greetings from Oregon!

By October 27, 2009 PDX, Photography

Okay, I’m actually sending this virtual postcard the day after I got back from Oregon, but I’ve been “AFK” as they say on the internets.

choo choo!

We had a thrilling trip to the great Pacific Northwest to visit family and friends, and while I keep saying that “we went to Portland” we never actually set foot in PDX proper, just the suburbs all around the tri-met area. We’re saving that action for our return visit in less than a month – if we didn’t see you this time, we’ll see you then. Anyway, I’ll probably be posting photos and other wonderment in the next few days.

Right now, I’m finishing up my lunch break at work, and then about to get back to work grinding out promos for the rest of the week. At home I’m getting caught up on projects and going on a wasteland rampage in Borderlands.

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I just know it’ll break.

By October 22, 2009 Meta, PDX

Supposedly, Yahoo! my web provider, is going to do some database/wordpress upgrades this month, and I’ve been warned that it could be anytime during October. It hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve got all the plugins and theme customizations standing by, ready to go when it goes down. Without a doubt, it’ll happen while I’m in PDX on vacation and my blog will look broken for a few days. If you see anything ‘brokeny’ looking, that’s what going on.

Anyway, it’ll be a fun trip to Portland, seeing friends and family and stuff, though the real reason for our visit is soley to have fondue and beer at Gustav’s – everything else on our trip is a bonus after that.

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taken three years ago today!

By September 9, 2009 geekery, Meta, PDX, Photography

I can’t believe how quickly the past few years have gone by! Although, I think that being in a different state and having a kid since our wedding definitely help skew my perception of time now. It’s been a wonderful three years with my lovely wife, KyAnn (six, really).

I can’t remember if I posted this pic last year on our anniversary, so I’m pasting it here again (though it doesn’t matter since my blog was obliterated since then anyway).

three years ago today!

Our wedding photographer wasn’t exactly the person we hired – she was a freelancer for the PDX wedding photographer we signed with. Though it doesn’t matter. I really liked her (her spikey hair fit right in with all our friends and family), and I think she did a fantastic job.
Anyway, when I uploaded this photo to flickr today I noticed the EXIF meta data embedded in the file and saw that our wedding was mostly shot with a Canon Rebel XT. No fucking way! I think she also had a 20D, but I didn’t even pay that much attention since my focus was elsewhere and everywhere.
Looking further into her camera settings, I’ve been able to reverse-engineer her shooting mode and setup. She locked the ISO, played it safe, and took some amazing shots. It really changes my perception of what gear I may actually need for some odd wedding photography jobs. For some reason, I didn’t even want to get into all that unless I had a camera at least in the tier above the Rebel series, or even go into a shoot with only one DSLR. But now that I have my 5Dm2 (and some serious glass), I’m thinking that my Rebel XTi – maxed out – might be a suitable secondary camera.
So now I’m thinking of uploading more wedding pics, just to look at the meta data. I can’t go back in time to chat-up the wedding photographer again, but this is definitely the next best thing. If you want to see more pics, our wedding video is posted after the post-break). Read More

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Monday links roundup – July 6, 2009:

By July 6, 2009 geekery, PDX

Here’s a quick list of things that caught my attention this morning while cruising the web before work:

1Top 10 Ironic Ads from History – This Consumerist article has some awesome items on the list, including a James Dean safe driving PSA and an advertisement about wrapping toddlers in cellophane.

2Better on the Other Side – Saw a segment on HLN this morning about how The Game and his colleagues threw together a tribute song to Michael Jackson (complete with music video) in 15 hours after the singer’s death. The song/video are decent, but I really liked the whole behind-the-scenes aspect of why and how they all got it done. I’m trying to find that video right now.

3Best Buy to Start Selling Green Vehicles – According to the WSJ, my favorite big box chain is about to start selling “green machines” in their stores. Stuff like Segways, scooters, and the like. Not sure how effective this will be, but anything has got to be better than going to a car dealership these days. Also, my bother once went to the mall to buy a compact disc and came home with a $14,000 truck, so maybe impulse buyers might be more likely to glide away on a Segway. The best part of this story: They’re starting it in PDX, naturally.

4District 9 – I haven’t heard much buzz about it, but I’m crazy obsessed with seeing District 9 when it comes out later this summer. I had to sit through several of those “commercials before the movies” things this weekend when I did my all day movie surfing extravaganza, and I saw numerous new clips of D9. Now I’ll see just about anything with aliens and robots blowing shit up, but the fact that it’s directed by Halo: Landfall‘ s Neill Blomkamp has made me rabid for this film’s release.


5Transformer Robot Really Transforms – Here’s the obligatory robot post in this list. It’s an underwhelming NASA/USC transforming robot, called Superbot, designed to someday murder humans and all their offspring ‘morph’ on lunar and mars missions to better traverse the landscape. Geekologie stated it best with: “…the only good Transformers are the first generation toys. And only in their packaging.” This robot seems kinda primitive, but I think once Skynet is up and running next year, we’ll see some major advances in robot technology.

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the lensbaby is like crack to me

By April 6, 2009 PDX, Photography

Seems like everytime I find something that is cool and clever, I look at the fine print and see that it’s from Portland, Oregon. Right now I’m too lazy to make a list, but I assure you that it’s true. Anyway, it was with no suprise that when I finally broke down and got the Lensbaby for my DSLR kit, I saw that it was invented in PDX.

watching the tiny ships sail by

Anyway, I’ve been jealously eyeing the ‘selective focus’ features of the lens for some time now, but have been waiting for the right version to come out. I finally got a Lensbaby Composer, which enables you to ‘lock’ your weird focus angle, making for much easier shooting. I’ve started shooting HD test video with some of the less blurry f-stops, and it’s looking great.

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