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Comic Book Wednesday – May 7

By May 7, 2014 Comic Book Wednesday, Comics

This week was a pretty rad selection of comics. Not much could keep me away from the local comic shop today, not even the rude douchebag working the counter.

Rat Queens #6
Are there still people that haven’t heard of Rat Queens? It seems weird to me. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but that certainly hasn’t stopped me telling everyone how they should be reading it. I’m thrilled to see the new story arc kicking off this week, and hanging out, once again, with most ass-kicking gals in comics.
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Comic Book Wednesday – March 19

By March 19, 2014 Comic Book Wednesday, Comics

Here’s a quick glimpse at this week’s haul. I’m going to do a shorter rundown this week, as I’m drowning in work.

Voice in the Dark #4 – Loving this book – there’s few current comics like it.

Fuse #2 – Enjoyed the first issue, and I’m eager to see how it progresses (meaning, “If I’ll keep buying standalone issues”)

Undertow #2 – I’m glad this doesn’t come out on the same week as The Wake – they’re totally different, but I like to have a buffer between my aquatic adventures.

The Week of Avatar! – Lucky me, there’s three killer Avatar Press titles. Mike Wolfer is doing a bang-up job of running the Gravel show on his own. God is Dead continues to spread epic destruction. And the latest Crossed: Badlands story arc ends – I really hope everyone dies in this one.

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Comic Book Wednesday – March 5

By March 7, 2014 Comics

I had a heavy-ass stack of comics today when I left the store. Not all of them are pictured here (I’ll explain), but here’s all the noteworthy titles:

Manifest Destiny #1 (Fourth Printing)
Okay, so I’m late to the game on this title and since everyone has been raving about it, I grabbed the rest of the issues as well (hence the heavy stack). I love the art style, and I think I’m going to enjoy people dressed as old-timey fur trappers fighting monsters.

God is Dead #7
The battle against the God is swift and brutal, and I’m excited to see how the next story arc plays out.

Punisher #3
Does this book come out every two weeks or something? I can’t believe it’s already in the third issue – not that I’m complaining. I can’t wait to see Frank Castle beat the crap out of Electro (or any other dumb superpowered person for that matter).

Jupiter’s Legacy #4
The family drama is really ramping up, and I’m looking forward to all the puffy Frank Quietly people stabbing each other in the back.

Trillium #7
It’s that time of the month where I visit the quiet sadness that pervades every haunting frame of Trillium, and is pretty much my favorite thing about Jeff Lemire creator-owned projects.

Daymen #3
For someone that hates vampires as much as I do, I’m really into Daymen. Maybe because it’s about a human familiar that works for the bloodsuckers, or perhaps because it’s such a well choreographed story so far.

Starlight #1
I always love the start of a new Millar title. And since this one looks like golden age sci-fi, I’m probably going to read it first.

Vell #1
First issue. Going in cold. Looks intriguing.

UPDATE: I ended up going back to the store today (Thursday) to snag Moonknight #1. Can’t believe I missed a Warren Ellis book!

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Comic Book Wednesday – February 26

By February 27, 2014 Comic Book Wednesday, Comics

Okay, it’s time for my weekly Wednesday comic book pull list – on a Thursday (work & life prevented me from snagging my precious books on time). Anyway, it’s a pretty thick week of awesome:

Rat Queens #5 – Without a doubt, this is
It’s slightly depressing to hear that this book is moving to six week shipping spread because I can barely wait a month between issues. Along with Saga, this is one of my absolute favorite comics in ages. There’s a reason it’s been on every “awesome comics” list in last few months.

Deadly Class #2
It’s time to start assassin school, or at least I hope that’s what happens. I’m a huge Rick Remender fan, and this book oozes cool.

Crossed: Badlands #37
I haven’t been that thrilled with the last few short arcs, though they’ve each had their moments. That’s the great thing about this ongoing run of Crossed, evenyone in the current story will soon be murdered and you get to meet a new bunch of survivors.

Revenge #1
I’ve been selective when snagging first issues lately, especially with so many new titles launching lately. The title makes the story somewhat self-explainatory, so it was definitely the gory artwork that added it to my stack. It just seemed like a perfect companion to read along with Crossed – and then weep for humanity.

Wake #6
I think it’s crazy clever the way the previous arc ended and then sprung ahead to the future timeline for the next half of the 10 issue run. I’m in love with the epic scope of this story. I hope the frantic pace keeps up, and the awesome character develops with this issue’s new introductions. I’m ready to see mankind’s last survivors finally start kicking merman ass.

Manhattan Projects #18
This story went insane a long time ago, and it always takes me a few minutes to remember where the last issue left off. However it’s always impressive how Hickman juggles all these super geniuses, their egos, and their complete lack of humanity among all the violence is a joy to behold.

Black Science #4
I love the hard sci-fi storyline of this title. I’m eager to read this one, but I need to play catch-up on #3 (and possibly restart the series) first.

Pariah #1
Another sci-fi title! It’s my lucky day. I’m pretty much going into this one cold, so I’ll let you know later how that whole ‘judging a book by its cover’ thing works out.

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Comic Book Wednesday – February 19

By February 19, 2014 Comic Book Wednesday, Comics

It’s a pretty modest week at the comic book shop (for me anyway). Here’s the titles I took away today:

Punisher #2
It’s been a while since I’ve seen the brutal, more real world version of Frank Castle from back in the Garth Ennis’ Marvel Knights/Max run. The creative team, Edmondson & Gerads knocked it out of the park in the premier issue, so I’m back again this month for more. Despite not having traditional superhero titles on my pull list, I might be adding the Punisher to my monthly rotation.

Morning Glories #37
Looking forward to this month’s installment of killer character progression and mental gymnastics. Four weeks still seems too long between issues. All my observations and grand theories fade between issues, so a Morning Glories marathon (starting from Season 2) is probably on my horizon.

Extinction Parade #5
Still enjoying this book. Maybe it’s just because I love watching the dumb vampires dig themselves deeper into extinction at every opportunity.

God is Dead #7
Another awesome Avatar Press book this week! I can’t comment on this one too much other than I also need to read the previous two installments.

A Voice In The Dark #4
There’s nothing else like this book on the market right now. It’s a moody and intelligent character study of college campus noir following a young female killer, trying to keep her impulses in check.

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