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Gi-Joe Blind Packs Are Annoyingly Addictive

By May 15, 2013 Collectibles

Just what I need in my life: another foil blind pack collectible. As if Disney Vinylmations and Lego Minifigures aren’t enough, now I have Gi-Joe vinyl figures from The Loyal Subjects to worry about.

The moment I saw these things on the shelf at Midtown Comics, I knew I was in trouble. The sales guy said that he had good luck in finding Cobra Commander and Destro – which was all I needed to push my decision making over the top. I eagerly ripped into my package (several feet from the register) and this is how it went…

Leatherneck, really?
I snapped up another box and got our of the store before my impulse control got the better of me. And then this happened… Read More

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