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Cosplaying as an Imperial Douche (for work)

By December 1, 2015 My Stuff

We had an incredibly fun day in the studio today, filming scenes for a Star Wars spoof that’ll be part of several customer related events. I wrote and directed the humorous, short film about how Darth Vader deals with the Imperial IT officers who accidentally let the Death Star plans get stolen by Rebel Alliance hackers.
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Lady Storm Shadow and Daft Clones

By July 26, 2013 Conventions

Every time I go to another convention I tell my self afterwards that I should have taken more cool cosplayer photos. Here’s a really sweet gender-swapped Storm Shadow…


And a few creative Clone Troopers from the 501st Legion, doing a Daft Punk crossover.


I’ve got a bunch more San Diego Comic-Con 2013 cosplay photos in my Flickr photoset!

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Cosplay Vine clips from Comic-Con

By July 21, 2013 My Geek Adventures

This year I made a concentrated effort to spread out my social media updates at the convention, using Twitter as my go-to service for status updates. I used Instagram for a majority of the photos and artsy videos. But Vine was what I used for some fun cosplayer interactions.




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‘Saga’ Costumes Done Right!

By March 21, 2013 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

If you’re into comic books, or sci-fi and haven’t been reading Brian K Vaughn’s intersteller series, “Saga” then you are REALLY missing out. With the series being so damn brilliant, I wondered when there would be some seriously awesome – if any – “Saga’ cosplay at the cons. This past weekend in Orlando, I was thrilled to find several “Horns & Wings” amongst the crowd.

How perfect are these two?

Saga cosplay at MegaCon
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Amazing ‘Thundercats’ Cosplayers!

By March 17, 2013 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

While wandering aimlessly at MegaCon 2013, I spotted this group of Thundercats cosplayers slowly making their way to the main entrance. Check out these amazing outfits – sadly, there’s no Snarf.

ThunderCats Cosplay
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