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The Barnstormer

By May 6, 2012 Eliza, Orlando, Photography

Riding the Barnstormer

This weekend we braved the crows and heat, returning to The Magic Kingdom so that Eliza and her buddy could ride the Barnstormer roller coaster (and so that I can get more trading cards for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game). I took this snap while enduring the ups and down and general nausea of riding a roller coaster with acute motion sickness.

Camera: Fuji X100
Location: Disney's Magic Kindgom
Flickr: Riding the Barnstormer

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Abstract Disneyworld Snaps

By April 13, 2012 Photography

I’m loving my FujiX100. It’s made me return to carrying a camera again at the theme parks (the whole giant DSLR things wasn’t working for me). Here’s two Disney snaps that I took this past week.

The first, being the lobby wall at the soon-to-open Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – which is crazy colorful. It feels like being in a Mass Effect night club.

DAAR Lobby

And then there’s this shot, right at the base of Spaceship Earth at Epcot – which looks spectacular from just about any angle.


camera: FujiX100

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Live From The Disney Fantasy

By March 29, 2012 The Daily Buzz

It’s been a tough work week, cruising in the Caribbean doing live shots from the deck of the deck of the Disney Fantasy. We just got back yesterday, and here’s a few pics! [Update: somehow my blog was broken and this didn't actually post when I wrote it.]

This shot will make all the Disney Vinylmation nerds jealous…

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Photo Project: OtherWorldy Disney

By April 17, 2011 Orlando, Photography

While poking around the WDW parks over the past few months, I started a fun, little photo project – which I will now share with you since I’ve now taken enough photos to actually call it a ‘collection’. Basically, I’ve been snapping photos of architecture and decor on Disney properties that could look like ‘otherworldy’ or alien when cross-processed in photoshop. Obviously, Epcot has the most variety, but I’ve managed to find some rad buildings in the other parks (and even on the Disney Dream).




At some point, I might make a simple photo blog for them, but for right now I’m going to just piecemeal them out, as I render them. Let me know if you have any ideas for cool Disney places that I can take similar pics.

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Garden Gnome Mickeys

By April 17, 2011 Orlando


Ever since we took Eliza to go see Gnomeo & Juliet, we’ve all been borderline-obsessed with garden gnomes. Okay, maybe ‘obsessed’ isn’t the right word. We’ve definitely become ‘in-tune’ with them – seeing them everywhere recently. So far, we’ve resisted the urge to buy any, and it was especially hard to pass up these Mickey gnomes that we saw at Epcot yesterday.

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Driving Daddy around Disney

By November 18, 2010 Eliza, Orlando

Driving Daddy around the park

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This headline is about moving to Orlando

By May 21, 2010 Orlando, Photography

disney castle (agfa optima)

I feel like I’m on vacation. Maybe it’s because, in the midst of all of our intense relocation efforts, we went to DisneyWorld. That’s right, we didn’t last three days before going to the Magic Kingdom (and tomorrow we’re going to SeaWorld). Actually, it’s kinda perfect that we’re taking a little time off as a family. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate our adoption anniversary, and now we also get to celebrate getting pre-approved for a home loan. The house hunting has already begun, and my chances of having a secret lair or ‘man cave” are still pretty good.

I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since our whole moving ordeal and partial cross-country trip! Logistical nightmare. Also, it was surreal to see the urban landscape transform from the Texas South back to “The South”. You know, I probably should have noticed it sooner, as the number of Cracker Barrel restaurants increased significantly, but it was driving past the thirty anti-abortion billboards in Pensacola that made me go, “Oh yeah. This kind of stuff again.” Though, now that we’re in Orlando I’m finding it to be less “The South” and more just “Awesome America”. All in one region we have: palm trees, theme parks, water parks, alligator hunting, nearly every fast food and retail chain, NASA, NASCAR, and Daytona Beach.

America, fuck yeah.

It looks like my new weight loss plan (called, “Just Stop Eating Like a Pig”) will have to be put on hold, as I now freak out every time I see 7-Eleven and can start drinking Slurpees again. And I’m thrilled to have a fridge filled again with gallons of Publix brand Diet Sweet Tea. It’s a gift from the Sucralose Gods.

I enjoy the little things in life to excess.

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lost in Disneyworld

By May 20, 2010 Florida, Orlando, Photography


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