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VaultTec engineering at its very finest.

By June 24, 2010 geekery, Orlando, video games

A sure sign of the impending nuclear holocaust is when you start seeing “Pip Boy” the Vault-Tec logo appearing on industrial machinery, like this generator in West Orlando. I noticed the large sticker on this industrial generator on the way home during our boring-ass commute last week and made a mental note that I absolutely had to take a photo before it was gone or vandalized. I’m crazy fanatic about the Fallout games, so to see some random thing like this is pretty rad.

Vault-Tec generator in Orlando

Taking the photo was a real pain. It was off the road, in a place where parking is wholly impossible. I trekked through high, grassy weeds that were crawling with lizards, in ninety-degree heat. Then I found that I had nowhere to stand that wasn’t on an ant hill – which gave me a ninety second window to snap some shots before the little bastards started biting my ankles. It’s sorta funny, considering that in Fallout 3 one of the first things I did after leaving Vault 101 was murder dozens of irradiated mutant ants. Virtual karma is a bitch.

I still ended up having a fun, spontaneous adventure tonight, and was completely floored when I got back home and realized that there’s a perfect robot shadow on the right side of the photo!

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