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Heading out to sea

By May 25, 2009 Uncategorized

my sea sickness bands

After months of anticipation, our cruise vacation is finally underway! As of this blog post, we’ve been at sea for about six hours now and I’m not showing any signs of sea sickness. (In case you didn’t know: I have terrible motion sickness issues and what not).

Usually I get doped up on Dramamine, but for the cruise I’ve just been wearing my fashionable, new Psi-Bands. And I’m doing pretty well as long as I don’t peer our a window and see the ocean going in the opposite direction.

We have wifi in our stateroom, so I’ll be sharing some photos and blog posts throughout the week. That is, when I’m not stuffing my face at one of the numerous buffets. Bon Voyage! Wait. Do I say ‘bon voyage’ or do you only say that to people who are sailing away?

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