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Angel would be so jealous.

By April 12, 2011 Collectibles, Toys

The Greatest Story Never Told

Now that I have a little girl, I’ve found that it’s difficult to own dolls collectibles and keep them in the packaging. I’ve already donated the entire crew of the Star Trek: Voyager to her own geeky toy collection, and tonight she inspired me to crack open one of the Buffy dolls I’ve had in cryogenic freeze (aka “the garage”) for several years.

Noticing that both the Slayer and my “Tigerman” Elvis doll are both rockin’ leather jackets, I decided it was time for them to team up and kick some ass over the Sunnydale Hellmouth. At some point, I’ll build a proper set with lighting, and try this photo again.

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Three various snapshots from the workplace

By August 18, 2010 Orlando, Photography, The Daily Buzz

When I’m not locked away in my office writing code and participating in conference calls, I like to sneak out into the studio and see what the rest of the folks are doing. Here’s a few shots that I’ve taken at work lately.


Tank @ The Daily Buzz studios

Zackleys Girl

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This headline is about moving to Orlando

By May 21, 2010 Orlando, Photography

disney castle (agfa optima)

I feel like I’m on vacation. Maybe it’s because, in the midst of all of our intense relocation efforts, we went to DisneyWorld. That’s right, we didn’t last three days before going to the Magic Kingdom (and tomorrow we’re going to SeaWorld). Actually, it’s kinda perfect that we’re taking a little time off as a family. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate our adoption anniversary, and now we also get to celebrate getting pre-approved for a home loan. The house hunting has already begun, and my chances of having a secret lair or ‘man cave” are still pretty good.

I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since our whole moving ordeal and partial cross-country trip! Logistical nightmare. Also, it was surreal to see the urban landscape transform from the Texas South back to “The South”. You know, I probably should have noticed it sooner, as the number of Cracker Barrel restaurants increased significantly, but it was driving past the thirty anti-abortion billboards in Pensacola that made me go, “Oh yeah. This kind of stuff again.” Though, now that we’re in Orlando I’m finding it to be less “The South” and more just “Awesome America”. All in one region we have: palm trees, theme parks, water parks, alligator hunting, nearly every fast food and retail chain, NASA, NASCAR, and Daytona Beach.

America, fuck yeah.

It looks like my new weight loss plan (called, “Just Stop Eating Like a Pig”) will have to be put on hold, as I now freak out every time I see 7-Eleven and can start drinking Slurpees again. And I’m thrilled to have a fridge filled again with gallons of Publix brand Diet Sweet Tea. It’s a gift from the Sucralose Gods.

I enjoy the little things in life to excess.

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lost in Disneyworld

By May 20, 2010 Florida, Orlando, Photography


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Mini Photoset: Eliza’s Cardboard Box

By May 10, 2010 Orlando, Photography

Eliza loves watching us pack up the house, so much in fact, that she wanted to be part of the action. So I gave her a large wardrobe box to play in (which kept her entertained for about 20 golden minutes), and here’s a few of the shots I snapped while she played.

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Easter fun with the little one

By April 5, 2010 Eliza, Home Movies

Here’s the highlight reel from Eliza’s living room Easter Egg hunt this morning…

Eliza’s Egg Hunt from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

And here’s the beginning of the inevitable sugar high….

jellybean attitude
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Daddy and Eliza’s Hip Hop Show

By March 9, 2010 Eliza, Home Movies

Just messing around on the webcam at my computer. We have lots of little shows recorded so far.

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cody and the possum

By February 24, 2010 Photography, Portraits

I was just cleaning up my laptop, preparing it for the transition to Windows 7 (aka “Operation Futile Performance Upgrade”) and I came across another one of the creepy photos I took in my parent’s orchard on Thanksgiving.

cody and the possum

This is a companion photo to the “Tater in the Orchard” pic that I posted here (and everywhere) previously. It was hard to get a good shot of Cody looking all creepy because he’s always such a smiling, pleasant kid. I started to do some antiquing and film damage to the photo, but lost track of the project so the above photo is all I got until I find the rest of them.

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nameless butterfly on unknown plant

By December 29, 2009 Uncategorized

nameless butterfly

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no place for baby

By December 2, 2009 Houston, Photography

no place for baby

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Greetings from Oregon!

By October 27, 2009 PDX, Photography

Okay, I’m actually sending this virtual postcard the day after I got back from Oregon, but I’ve been “AFK” as they say on the internets.

choo choo!

We had a thrilling trip to the great Pacific Northwest to visit family and friends, and while I keep saying that “we went to Portland” we never actually set foot in PDX proper, just the suburbs all around the tri-met area. We’re saving that action for our return visit in less than a month – if we didn’t see you this time, we’ll see you then. Anyway, I’ll probably be posting photos and other wonderment in the next few days.

Right now, I’m finishing up my lunch break at work, and then about to get back to work grinding out promos for the rest of the week. At home I’m getting caught up on projects and going on a wasteland rampage in Borderlands.

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the leader of the band is tired…

By October 27, 2009 Photography

the leader of the band is tired

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eliza in the p patch

By October 12, 2009 Eliza, Photography

Yesterday we had about a ten minute window between rain showers to get some photos in the pumpkin patch. Here’s a few of the highlights:

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taken three years ago today!

By September 9, 2009 geekery, Meta, PDX, Photography

I can’t believe how quickly the past few years have gone by! Although, I think that being in a different state and having a kid since our wedding definitely help skew my perception of time now. It’s been a wonderful three years with my lovely wife, KyAnn (six, really).

I can’t remember if I posted this pic last year on our anniversary, so I’m pasting it here again (though it doesn’t matter since my blog was obliterated since then anyway).

three years ago today!

Our wedding photographer wasn’t exactly the person we hired – she was a freelancer for the PDX wedding photographer we signed with. Though it doesn’t matter. I really liked her (her spikey hair fit right in with all our friends and family), and I think she did a fantastic job.
Anyway, when I uploaded this photo to flickr today I noticed the EXIF meta data embedded in the file and saw that our wedding was mostly shot with a Canon Rebel XT. No fucking way! I think she also had a 20D, but I didn’t even pay that much attention since my focus was elsewhere and everywhere.
Looking further into her camera settings, I’ve been able to reverse-engineer her shooting mode and setup. She locked the ISO, played it safe, and took some amazing shots. It really changes my perception of what gear I may actually need for some odd wedding photography jobs. For some reason, I didn’t even want to get into all that unless I had a camera at least in the tier above the Rebel series, or even go into a shoot with only one DSLR. But now that I have my 5Dm2 (and some serious glass), I’m thinking that my Rebel XTi – maxed out – might be a suitable secondary camera.
So now I’m thinking of uploading more wedding pics, just to look at the meta data. I can’t go back in time to chat-up the wedding photographer again, but this is definitely the next best thing. If you want to see more pics, our wedding video is posted after the post-break). Read More

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Melting, and still looking fabulous

By August 19, 2009 Photography

Is it Wednesday already? It seems like just a few days ago I was in Austin, snapping photos of my friends Elise and Stiles – half engagement photos, and half just messing around. My favorite backdrop was a mural on Congress Street depicting color bars.


In an odd coincidence, Elise’s blog banner has her in front of color bars, which made this all more fun. Anyway, it was finally great to get out to Austin, if only to confirm what i already suspected: it’s way more fun that Houston, but still not as cool as PDX.

We didn’t see any of the Friday Night Lights celebrities or local rock stars, but were visited by someone who is ‘internet famous’…he photo crashing squirrel!

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the good, the bad, and the baby

By July 27, 2009 Portraits

the good, the bad, and the baby

We decided to take some fun, Texas-sized photos this afternoon, but Eliza was having none of it. But that actually worked out because she looks like a mean, little gunslinger in some of these pics. My caption for this photo was the title, but I’m interested to see what any of y’all might come up with…

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we’ll get through this together

By July 7, 2009 geekery, Photography

we'll get through this together

I was cleaning up my daughter’s toys the other day (mouse trap not included) and decided that her little, plush mice would make for some interesting photo scenes. Tonight, I shot the first of my new series…and yes, it’s a little darker than I originally intended. The next one will be much cuter, I promise.

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“Stephen Dean is there.”

By June 25, 2009 Houston, KPRC, Photography

Stephen Dean

I’ve been snapping a ton of RAW photos, and I finally got the chance to shoot a project that can use some ‘high pass’ and bleach filtering that I’ve been dying to process some photos with. The investigative photos work better with this look than shots of my daughter playing with dolls, for sure.

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Had a pretty sweet Father’s Day

By June 22, 2009 Eliza

We went to the zoo on Saturday (where this photo below was taken) and then to play in the water fountains in the park on Sunday. Our goal was to get a bunch of stuff done each morning when the temperature was still at a cool 96 degrees, and chill at home when it got into the triple digits.

Riding the zebra with Daddy

This week a bunch of cool projects that I’ve been working on will finally be let out into the wild, and I’ll finally be able to post some rad photos and videos on the blog. Later this week we’re off to Atlanta for the Southeast Emmy awards thing, and I can’t wait to see dozen of old colleagues and friends while I’m in town.

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