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Friday Football Frenzy

I don’t know the football terms.

By August 14, 2009 Houston, KPRC, Promos

When it comes to following football closely, or even really having conversation about it, I’m at a loss. The football game is not my thing. Now if the game was a blood sport and utilized ATVs, or had something to do with wizards and trolls, then I’d probably run the Facebook fan page. Which is why I’m amused that I’ve been chosen again to make a promo for a high school football program.

Last year at WYFF4, Benjie and I went with the “mascots trying to murder each other” theme, and I think that worked well. This year, I had a more outlandish idea for the Local 2 promo, which would have resembled Summer Heights High rather than high school football. Instead I went with the “Frenzy” (as the show is nicknamed) as more of a airborne contagion – instead of “Swine Flu” think “Pigskin Flu”.

Anyway, I was back out there on the field this morning shooting the actual promo (this one was just the preview) that’ll run throughout the season – which will be more straightforward about the game of football.

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