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Gatorland iPhone pics

By June 22, 2011 Orlando

There was a moment upon my first trip to Gatorland where something completely awesome (almost) happened. It was when a massive alligator came within a millimeter of completely devastating a bird that thought it could cleverly sneak past his gigantic mouth. That was followed by a not-so-awesome moment where I almost dropped my iPhone into the water next to that very same alligator – which had a name like “Bonecrusher” or something equally intimidating. I have to say, it’s extremely challenging to take a photo through the iPhone screen glare while also getting my face rocked by the “circle of life” moment that was on display a few meters away. It was also a sobering reminder that I really should have brought a better camera, if I truly want to capture Gatorland in all its glory.

Sunbathing Gators

Egrets or something

Ancient lizard

Toy crocs

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