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Talking “Badass” with Ben Thompson

By May 31, 2011 geekery, Orlando

Back in April I went to an area book signing, featuring Ben Thompson from Badass of The Week, for the release of his new book, Badass: Birth of a Legend. I love reading his stuff. He’s also a fun guy to interact with, so I recentlywhipped up a little video interview piece for, interviewing Ben on all things “badass”.

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Video: HeadDrama Promo Vignettes

By May 3, 2011 Promos, The Daily Buzz

Yesterday we launched our latest website:“Your survival guide for solving mental emergencies and taking control of drama in your everyday life”. I’ve been busily working with the team to get content organized, get the layout and site functionality up to spec, and do the marketing thing. Here’s a few demo promos for the site that I created last fall, mainly for internal and corporate marketing purposes. These people are quite frustrated.

Not sure if these will be used for anything (as I’ve got some crazy promos on the way), but it’s nice to just get them out in the open.

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I love my new ring flash!

By April 18, 2011 Photography, The Daily Buzz

Here’s some test shots of my badass crew at work, using the new ringflash adapter I got from Photojojo. Basically, I just turned off the studio lights, except for the “bubblescape,” and fired away. [Photography nerds keep reading: The ring flash prevented the slaved ‘hair light’ flash from working, and I couldn’t use a pocket wizard, or else ring flash wouldn’t fit. It was an ‘off’ situation all around, but worked out well in the end. The only thing that I don’t like is that some purple luminance that bled through the bubblescape on some takes.]





I’m using these photos, and some others from the shoot for a new, website project which launches in two weeks. (Plenty more on that later…)

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