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‘Saga’ Costumes Done Right!

By March 21, 2013 Conventions, My Geek Adventures

If you’re into comic books, or sci-fi and haven’t been reading Brian K Vaughn’s intersteller series, “Saga” then you are REALLY missing out. With the series being so damn brilliant, I wondered when there would be some seriously awesome – if any – “Saga’ cosplay at the cons. This past weekend in Orlando, I was thrilled to find several “Horns & Wings” amongst the crowd.

How perfect are these two?

Saga cosplay at MegaCon
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Andrew Spear Kicks Ass

By August 7, 2012 Orlando, Photography, Portraits, The Daily Buzz

Andrew Spear & theDBZ Mural

My boss really let me go all out when redesigning The Daily Buzz studio. We don’t have a huge budget, so it’s very DIY. I rolled the dice and hired my favorite Orlando artist (and now friend) Andrew Spear to ninja-punch our bare studio wall into something spectacular.

Andrew Spear

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Mini Live Trucks at Legoland Florida

By May 22, 2012 Florida, My Geek Adventures, Orlando, Photography, Toys

This past weekend, my family finally made it out to Legoland Florida. My daughter had a great time on all the rides, and we all enjoyed all the fun, little details in the Lego cities at Miniland, USA. I especially like how television news vans were well represented. Here’s a few shots of the mini news media in action.

Here’s an important press conference at City Hall. I think I see a miniature Lenslinger in there amongst the Lego photogs.

Here’s a news crew being hassled by the police (or possibly getting directions) on the National Mall.

And I found this news van headed to an important news conference in Miami’s South Beach.

Cam: Fuji X100
Loc: Legoland, USA

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All dressed up for Zombietoberfest!

By October 1, 2011 Eliza, Geekdad


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Kia’s Dance Rehearsal

By August 30, 2010 Orlando, The Daily Buzz

Kia’s Dance Rehearsal from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

My co-worker, Kia Malone is entered in one of those local Dancing With The Stars type of competitions, and I tagged along on Thursday afternoon to see how training went.

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VaultTec engineering at its very finest.

By June 24, 2010 geekery, Orlando, video games

A sure sign of the impending nuclear holocaust is when you start seeing “Pip Boy” the Vault-Tec logo appearing on industrial machinery, like this generator in West Orlando. I noticed the large sticker on this industrial generator on the way home during our boring-ass commute last week and made a mental note that I absolutely had to take a photo before it was gone or vandalized. I’m crazy fanatic about the Fallout games, so to see some random thing like this is pretty rad.

Vault-Tec generator in Orlando

Taking the photo was a real pain. It was off the road, in a place where parking is wholly impossible. I trekked through high, grassy weeds that were crawling with lizards, in ninety-degree heat. Then I found that I had nowhere to stand that wasn’t on an ant hill – which gave me a ninety second window to snap some shots before the little bastards started biting my ankles. It’s sorta funny, considering that in Fallout 3 one of the first things I did after leaving Vault 101 was murder dozens of irradiated mutant ants. Virtual karma is a bitch.

I still ended up having a fun, spontaneous adventure tonight, and was completely floored when I got back home and realized that there’s a perfect robot shadow on the right side of the photo!

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We’re new on the block.

By June 8, 2010 Orlando

We finally bought a house. It’s actually the second house we made an offer on, but the first house on the list that we liked (if that makes sense). Anyway, it’s pretty solid, despite the absence of a Bat Cave or secret lair. And there’s no skeletons in the closet or a Buffalo Bill lotion pit, among many other positive features.

this old house

Actually, the whole house buying process went rather smoothly. Many years ago I launched “Operation: Clean Credit Rating” which has paid off immensely during this transaction, though was nowhere near as fun as “Operation: Destroy Credit Rating”, launched back in my early twenties. I think the hardest part about becoming a new homeowner is coming to terms with the fact that we actually bought a house. Closing date is still several weeks away, so in many ways it still doesn’t seem real. I’m used to downloading songs off iTunes and rocking them on my iPod a moment later, or gadget shopping on Amazon and getting the device the next morning. So waiting six weeks for something that I just bought seems painfully s-l-o-w.

We won’t technically be Orlando residents, by the way. Nope. LLR headquarters will soon be located in the nearby suburb of Maitland (which has its own rockin’ theme song).

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This headline is about moving to Orlando

By May 21, 2010 Orlando, Photography

disney castle (agfa optima)

I feel like I’m on vacation. Maybe it’s because, in the midst of all of our intense relocation efforts, we went to DisneyWorld. That’s right, we didn’t last three days before going to the Magic Kingdom (and tomorrow we’re going to SeaWorld). Actually, it’s kinda perfect that we’re taking a little time off as a family. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate our adoption anniversary, and now we also get to celebrate getting pre-approved for a home loan. The house hunting has already begun, and my chances of having a secret lair or ‘man cave” are still pretty good.

I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since our whole moving ordeal and partial cross-country trip! Logistical nightmare. Also, it was surreal to see the urban landscape transform from the Texas South back to “The South”. You know, I probably should have noticed it sooner, as the number of Cracker Barrel restaurants increased significantly, but it was driving past the thirty anti-abortion billboards in Pensacola that made me go, “Oh yeah. This kind of stuff again.” Though, now that we’re in Orlando I’m finding it to be less “The South” and more just “Awesome America”. All in one region we have: palm trees, theme parks, water parks, alligator hunting, nearly every fast food and retail chain, NASA, NASCAR, and Daytona Beach.

America, fuck yeah.

It looks like my new weight loss plan (called, “Just Stop Eating Like a Pig”) will have to be put on hold, as I now freak out every time I see 7-Eleven and can start drinking Slurpees again. And I’m thrilled to have a fridge filled again with gallons of Publix brand Diet Sweet Tea. It’s a gift from the Sucralose Gods.

I enjoy the little things in life to excess.

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lost in Disneyworld

By May 20, 2010 Florida, Orlando, Photography


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The island Troy isn’t done with me yet.

By April 21, 2010 Meta, Orlando

Now that the press releases have hit the streets and the word is going around, I might as well make it official. We are moving to Orlando (that’s in Florida). Wait. What? Yeah, Orlando. Our daughter has no idea just how much more awesome her life is gonna get living down the street from Mickey Mouse.

KyAnn and I will both be maneuvering into awesome, new jobs, working as ‘new media’ and digital content developers for a joint venture between Fisher Communications and The Daily Buzz. I even get a fancy job title: “Director of Digital Content”; my wife will be the “Vice President of Lifestyle Content”. You’re working with your wife? Yes, I’m working with my wife… again. How did this happen exactly? Well, we both previously worked for Troy McGuire, the mastermind behind this operation. He’s sorta like the mysterious Jacob on Lost, where somewhere in our pasts we each crossed paths with him and unknowingly became candidates in his vast, cosmic conspiracy. Even if KyAnn and I had never become a couple, in an alternate-sideways universe, we would still end up both moving to Orlando and working for Troy McGuire. Obviously, “the island isn’t done with me yet”, and I’m sure there are others out there he’s watching from his fancy, hidden lighthouse.

I don’t know if this analogy completely works – I’m still trying to make the ‘numbers’ fit into it. Anyway, I’m now taking questions…

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