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Prato’s “The Widow Maker”

By April 6, 2012 Orlando

When I moved to the Greater Orlando area, I felt hard=pressed to find much in the way of the cool “farm to table” restaurants that I was used to eating at while living Portland. However it shouldn’t be suprising that I finally found such a place – Prato – among the all the awesome restaurants in downtown Winter Park.

And that’s where I found a bunch of truly original pizzas, including The Widow Maker.

From the menu description: “Caciocavallo, Calabrian Sausage, Romesco, Farm Egg”

You read that correctly: There’s an egg, right in the middle. I thought it was kids weird at first, but before I could finish asking our server if it was good, he stated, “It’s pretty awesome” and went on to describe how all the flavor melded together when the sunny-side-up egg yolk was broken. He was right.

Here’s a delicious close-up detail shot…

restaurant: Prato (Winter Park, FL)
camera: Fuji X100

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