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My Little Rapunzel

By August 4, 2011 Eliza


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My little Disney princess.

By June 19, 2011 Eliza

Tired Golden Princesses

We decided to brave the murderous heat and waves of sweaty tourists, to take our little gal and out-of-town guests to the Magic Kingdom. Eliza had an especially delightful day, as she got to pretend to be her favorite, Disney princess: Rapunzel. She’s become quite taken with the movie Tangled, her enthusiasm doubling when it was released on Blu-Ray a few months ago. She can belt-out the entire soundtrack, and even tell you what scenes in the film the instrumental tracks correspond with. But no matter how much she adores Rapunzel, she’ll never have 100 yards of flowing blonde hair.

It’s especially hard to explain that she won’t ever likely have a normal amount of blonde hair. At times, she desperately wants to have hair like Mommy and Rapunzel. It’s often a little heartbreaking to watch her, stand in front of the mirror, trying to figure out why her hair isn’t growing long and straight. We reinforce that she has beautiful hair, which will also grow as she gets older, but in a different way. For the most part, she understands and is learning to love her hair, but there’s still times when she wants to just be a Disney princess.

On this particular day, as we passed by Cinderella’s castle, Eliza darted into the the princess boutique. While my wife chased her around, I went over to the Rapunzel section and found exactly what we’ve been looking for. Once Eliza realized what I was buying at the register, she was unbelievably anxious for us to open it. Moments later, after prying the wig out of the package and placing it on her head, she became completely silent. You might even say regal. For the remainder of the day she walked a little taller (which wasn’t often because she has to be carried everywhere), and had an eerie grace in all her movements, which was only amplified when she put on Tiana’s princess gloves.

The blonde wig is now part of her dress up clothes, so she can now be Rapunzel whenever she wants. But no matter what, she’ll always be our Princess Eliza with the beautiful black hair.

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