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littlelostRant: Who cares about Ronald McDonald?

By April 12, 2010 Uncategorized

Inevitably when I’m wasting time in a comic shop for a long enough period of time, there’s always some older guy that comes into the store and starts wandering around. After seeing that he’s out of his element and frightened by all the freaky teen girl anime sculptures in glass cases, the comic shop nerd will soon ask him, “Is there anything I can help you find?” This will lead to a discussion about how the guy’s grandson or nephew is at about the age he was when he started reading comics, and would love to introduce him to the hobby. This is the point in the conversation where I hold my breath and think to myself, “wait for it…here it comes…” as the guy looks around, confounded by all the modern comics and replies, “Do you have any Archies or Little Abners?” Usually, the guy at the counter tactfully replies, “Umm…no. But we do have some Spiderman. It sounds like he’d really like that.” And the guy usually mumbles about how he wished there were comics available now like when he was a kid. It takes everything I have from blurting out, “Your kid will not give one $&%@ about Little Abner! Seriously.”

Anyway, this kinda brings me to the point of this blog post: Ronald McDonald. You see, Corporate Accountability International recently targeted McDonalds with their “Retire Ronald” campaign because they say that Ronald McDonald is marketed towards kids and is leading a trend towards obesity-related issues. I suppose it’s accurate (no adult is going to respond positively to a weird yellow clown man), and probably a worthy cause (though I don’t see it on the same scale of the whole “Joe Camel” controversy). I guess my real issue with their campaign is that they think Ronald McDonald is even relevant to children.
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