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I finally drank the Funko kool-aid

By January 22, 2014 Collectibles


For just over a year now, I’ve been holding back my primal collector urges from going full werewolf on the Pop! line of Funko vinyl figures. However, last week must had a been a full moon because I ended up on Amazon, clawing down the number of Pop! figures I threw into my shopping cart.

It’s not that I haven’t been interested in the figures, but rather there were just too many awesome figures and mini-collections to get. I could easily end up with fifty of these things in no time. I’m already feeling the pressure to get the newly-released Mass Effect line, or go all out on the Adventure Time sets. Don’t even get me started on The Walking Dead ones either.

Anyway, i think after seeing my co-worker Ryan’s Game of Thrones collection in his workspace (complete with custom shelving – below, after the jump), I lost it and decided that I just absolutely needed an assortment of my own. Rather that going with a specific set, I assembled a team of masked hard-asses who each deliver their own brand of street justice. My crew thus far: Judge Dredd, RobotCop, Rorshach, and the Batman.

Expect more figures to spontaneously take over what precious desk real estate I have left. Zod help me.

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