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Getting Within Range of ‘Arrow’

By May 16, 2013 Collectibles, My Geek Adventures

interviewing Arrow! (Stephen Amell)

The great thing about attending the CW Network upfront event over all other network upfronts is that most of their shows are in the geek genre, so you don’t have to wait long for someone supernatural – or superpowered to come along. I was thrilled to meet Stephen Amell, known to everyone as Olliver Green on CW’s Arrow.

And after the event, as he came back down the green carpet, I managed to get my copy of Arrow #1 autographed by the man!

got Arrow to sign my 'Arrow'! #cw #arrow

Of course, the moment I posted this photo on Instagram I started getting comments about the condition of the spine. Let’s just say that it was MINT going to the event and ended up coming home as completely fucked in FAIR condition.

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