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The Tardis at Earl’s Court Station

By April 29, 2014 My Geek Adventures

When I first realized that I was being sent to London on business, the first thing I did after booking my travel was to locate the nearest Tardis. Well, the closest thing I could find to a real-life Tardis anyway.

I threw down a Google query for “police boxes in London” and found a nifty site called The Police Box Map which lists all the various old-timey police boxes left in London area. It even describes them so that you don’t end up at a different colored box by mistake. I quickly determined that there was a perfect box just a short walk from my hotel and the conference center I’m working from.
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The State of my Desk – March 7

By March 7, 2014 Collectibles

I’m nearly 40 years-old and my desk is covered in nerdy toys. It’s pretty obvious that in my insanely kick-ass office (which I’m preparing to share later in a video tour), when you’re standing over my desk, it’s pretty obvious that a manchild works there.

My first photo is shot from the approach vector, as you get drawn towards my workstation.

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