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The next-generation of consoles has arrived (at my house).

By March 9, 2014 video games

I’m finally a next-generation console gamer. Wait. Does the Wii U count? Hmm.

I’m finally a next-generation Xbox gamer. This is after canceling my Day One preorder a week before launch, and then months of near purchases at random retail outlets. Basically, I decided that I needed more time to play my Xbox 360 games while waiting for the next-gen games that I actually wanted to play. I eventually hatched a plan to “get my console in time for Titanfall.”

Titanfall isn’t even in full HD. I know this, and have accepted the irony of the situation. However, I’m okay with a lower resolution since I’ll be able to live stream on Twitch. (That is if people would like to watch a stream of how terrible I am at FPS games).

I’m not an Xbox Fanboy. Actually I am, but I’ve also owned the first three Playstation consoles and will buy the PS4 once it seems like the killer apps arrive (perhaps ESO or Destiny?).

Okay. Can’t wait to get this thing hooked up and and ready. LoveKnife needs to get his game on!

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